Select Committee on Health Written Evidence

Memorandum by the Dental Technologists Association (DS 27)


    —  From 1 August 2008, dental technicians will be required to be on a recognised course, or to hold a current registrable qualification in dental technology.

    —  There will be an ongoing and increasing need for CPD, much of which will come at a cost to the individual.

    —  There will be an increased cost to employers with employees requiring time off to fulfil their CPD obligations and formal training where the individual is on a recognised course other than full time.

    —  Due in part to the effects of the new contract and forces in the dental technology market from overseas dental laboratories, UK laboratories will be wanting to move into developing a more specialised high tech and customer orientated service. This will generate the need for high end courses, for developing these skills, and to attract the higher calibre of student into taking up dental technology as a worthwhile career option.

  I would like the Health Committee to take a fresh look at the funding of dental technology education nationally. Education for Scotland has made some steps in the right direction by starting a fully funded vocational training scheme for dental technicians and fund free CPD for Scottish technicians. Why is England so far behind in regard to this matter?

  I would like to see this Health Committee put forward the kind of recommendations that would help build an inclusive and rewarding scheme to address all of the matters outlined above. To not only enable UK based dental technicians to meet their obligations under their registration with the GDC but help create world leading dental technologists providing world beating solutions to the wider dental team, and to patients.

Paul Mallett RDT


December 2007

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Prepared 4 February 2008