Select Committee on Health Sixth Report

Annex B - further reading


Is the Treatment Working? Summary; Chapter 4 - Healthcare Commission and Audit Commission, 2008

Monitor draft annual report 2007-08

NHS foundation trusts: Quarter 4 report, Monitor

Foundation trusts - the story so far - Foundation Trust Network, 2008

Foundation Trust Network Annual Report

Financial freedoms

Foundation trusts in the NHS: does more freedom make a difference? Marini et al, University of York, 2007

Governance and citizen involvement

Citizen and staff involvement in health service decision-making: have National Health Service foundation trusts in England given stakeholders a louder voice? Richard Lewis, Lisa Hinton, 2008

Review of membership plans for NHS Foundation trusts, Richard Lewis, Lisa Hinton, 2006

Developing the role of NHS foundation trust governors, Monitor, 2008

Membership Governance in NHS Foundation trusts - a review for the Department of Health; Peter Hunt, Chris Ham, 2008

Better Governance, Stronger Voice - a survey of FT Governors, Foundation trust Network, 2007

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Prepared 17 October 2008