Select Committee on Liaison Fifth Special Report

1  Modernisation of language in standing orders relating to select committees

1.  The language used to describe select committee documents and proceedings has increasingly diverged from the language of the House's standing orders. We make here some proposals for changing the language of the standing orders to bring them into line with current practice. The proposals relate entirely to terminology, and do not make any changes of substance.

2.  The proposals are set out in Annex 1. In summary, they do the following:

  • change 'minutes of proceedings' to 'formal minutes';
  • change 'minutes of evidence' to 'evidence';
  • change 'the examination of witnesses' to 'oral evidence sessions';
  • change 'memoranda of evidence' to 'written evidence'; and
  • change 'laid on the Table of the House' to 'reported to the House'.

3.  We commend these changes to the House.

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© Parliamentary copyright 2008
Prepared 23 October 2008