Select Committee on Liaison Minutes of Evidence

Letter to the Committee Assistant from the Parliamentary Clerk, 10 Downing Street, dated 9 January 2008

Dear Kevin,

As requested please find attached a copy of the transcript of the Prime Minister's evidence to the Liaison Committee with a suggested amendment in "track change" (question 113).

During his evidence to the Committee the Prime Minister was asked about the British Council in Russia and referred to an answer by the Foreign Secretary during his appearance before the Foreign Affairs Committee on 12 December in which the Foreign Secretary had said that there were only two countries in which the Council is not allowed to operate: Burma and Iran (question 117). The Foreign Secretary subsequently wrote to the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, and copied to the chairman of the Liaison Committee, correcting the record. A copy of his letter is attached.

Yours sincerely,

Nicholas Howard

Parliamentary Clerk

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Prepared 21 January 2008