Select Committee on Members Estimate Committee Second Report


10. Our aim is to put in place a system of allowances that will endure. For any future system of allowances—however similar to or different from the current one—the Committee is keen to establish direct comparisons with relevant examples in the private, public or third sectors. This would enable the House to base its practice on what works elsewhere. There is unlikely to be a single comparator and so several may be sought. As Members have pointed out to us, being an MP with a duty to serve involves a way of life different from most jobs, with irregular and long hours, extended travel to and from work and inevitable impact on family life.

11. The Committee is working on the basis that any root and branch changes to the structure of allowances will not involve any overall increase in the total cost. Equally, we do not expect that any Member will be put to a significant disadvantage in the short term. It may follow that any changes agreed by the House will have to be introduced in phases and with transitional arrangements.

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Prepared 2 April 2008