Select Committee on Public Accounts Twenty-Second Report

List of Reports from the Committee of Public Accounts 2007-08

First ReportDepartment for International Development: Tackling rural poverty in developing countries
HC 172 (Cm 7323)
Second ReportDepartment of Health: Prescribing costs in primary care HC 173 (Cm 7323)
Third ReportBuilding for the future: Sustainable construction and refurbishment on the government estate
HC 174 (Cm 7323)
Fourth ReportEnvironment Agency: Building and maintaining river and coastal flood defences in England
HC 175 (Cm 7323)
Fifth ReportEvasion of Vehicle Excise Duty HC 227
Sixth ReportDepartment of Health: Improving Services and Support for People with Dementia

HC 228 (Cm 7323)

Seventh ReportExcess Votes 2006-07 HC 299
Eighth ReportTax Credits and PAYE HC 300
Ninth ReportHelping people from workless households into work HC 301 (Cm 7364)
Tenth ReportStaying the course: the retention of students on higher education courses
HC 322 (Cm 7364)
Eleventh ReportThe compensation scheme for former Icelandic water trawlermen
HC 71 (Cm 7364)
Twelfth ReportCoal Health Compensation Schemes HC 305 (Cm 7364)
Thirteenth ReportSustainable employment: supporting people to stay in work and advance
HC 131 (Cm 7364)
Fourteenth ReportThe budget for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games
HC 85
Fifteenth ReportThe Pensions Regulator: Progress in establishing its new regulatory arrangements
HC 122
Sixteenth ReportGovernment on the Internet: Progress in delivering information and services online
HC 143
Seventeenth Report Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Managing Risk in the Overseas Territories
HC 176
Eighteenth ReportImproving corporate functions using shared services HC 190
Nineteenth ReportBBC Procurement HC 221
Twentieth ReportHM Revenue & Customs: Helping individuals understand and complete their tax forms
HC 47
Twenty-first Report The Carbon Trust: Accelerating the move to a low carbon economy
HC 157
Twenty-second Report Improving the efficiency of central government's use of office property
HC 229

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Prepared 22 May 2008