Select Committee on Treasury Fifth Report

List of written evidence

1  Bank of England, Letter from the Governor  


Follow-up to evidence session on 18 December 2007   

2  Tripartite Authorities  

3  Financial Services Consumer Panel  

4  Financial Services Authority  

Follow-up to evidence session 9 October 2007  

Follow-up to evidence session 11 December 2007  

Letter from the Chairman of the FSA  

5  Financial Services Authority and Financial Services Compensation Scheme  

6  Northern Rock, follow-up to evidence session on 16 October 2007  

Letter from Chairman of Northern Rock  

7  HM Treasury, letter from the Chancellor  

Follow-up to evidence session on 25 October 2007  

Letter from the Chancellor  

8  Julian D. A. Wiseman  

9  London Investment Banking Association  

10  Dr Paul Hamalainen, Loughborough University  

11  The Alternative Investment Management Association Limited  

12  Fitch Ratings  

Follow-up to evidence session on 13 November  

13  The Association of British Insurers  

14  Institutional Money Market Funds Association  

15  Standard & Poor's   

Follow-up to evidence session on 13 November  

16  Moody's  

Follow-up to evidence session on 13 November  

17  Investment Management Association   

18  British Bankers' Association  

19  The Building Societies Association  

20  Council of Mortgage Lenders  

21  Professor Willem Buiter, London School of Economics and Political Science   

22  National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF)  

23  E Gerald Corrigan, Goldman Sachs International   

24  David Pitt-Watson, Hermes Equity Ownership Service  

25  PriceWaterhouseCoopers, follow-up to evidence session on 4 December 2007  

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Prepared 26 January 2008