Select Committee on Work and Pensions Written Evidence

Memorandum submitted by RSI Action

  The current consultation on the proposed merger of the HSE and HSC has recently come to our attention, and we ask that you consider our response below.

  The proposal is for the new executive's chairman and members to be appointed in a similar way to the present HSC, but increasing the maximum number of members from nine to 11 plus chairman. The proposal also makes provision for one of the additional two members to be appointed from the local authorities (who are the health and safety inspection authority in many cases).

  We ask the Work and Pensions Commons Select Committee to include the provision for charities that are committed to reducing work-related injury and illness (such as RSI Action) to be represented on the new executive. Organisations such as RSI Action are particularly concerned about working environments, health and safety regulations and enforcement, health and safety information and guidance, as well as dealing with the consequences of workplace accidents and injuries. Some of the individual members of these organisations are no longer able to work and therefore their views and contribution to the improvement of workplace health and safety would not be accessible to the currently proposed representation of the new executive.

  The Government targets to move individuals off incapacity benefit and back into productive employment will benefit from organisations such as RSI Action becoming more involved in the workplace health and safety, and able to contribute to the work of the new executive. Including provision for the involvement of relevant charities in the executive, will enable the work of the HSE to take into account the wider consequences of workplace injuries and ill-health, and result in a healthier workforce, a reduction in disabilities, and more productive workforce.

RSI Action

November 2007

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Prepared 21 April 2008