Select Committee on Work and Pensions Written Evidence

Further information from DWP following their evidence session

  At the session on 5 March I undertook to send you a note in response to a question raised by Greg Mulholland MP seeking confirmation that HSE published guidance for duty holders on the health and safety of agency workers—see Q292.

  The guidance, Agency workers' health and safety at work, was published in June 2006 on the Businesslink website at and is still live and accessible to employers, workers and the public generally. The work of producing the guidance, endorsed by HSC, was undertaken by a steering group led by HSE and comprising external stakeholders including representatives of trades unions. The TUC, ISTC and T&GWU members of the steering group were consulted by HSE on the draft guidance in 2005.

  I trust this will fully answer the Committee's question concerning this guidance.

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Prepared 21 April 2008