Select Committee on Work and Pensions Written Evidence

Information supplied to the Committee on 28 March 2008 by DWP


  The table below shows actual net resource outturns for 2005-06 to 2006-07 and expected figure for 2007-08. The outturns have been analysed as requested.

Outturns (adjusted for transfer of Rail Safety)
2005-062006-07 2007-08Total
£m£m £m£m
Net Resource DEL238 234216 688
of which Settlement226 227216 669
of which EYF12 7019
Capital5 7517
of which Settlement5 7517
AME00 00
Income (included in DEL)50 5558 163

SR07 RESOURCES—2008-09 TO 2010-11

  HSC/E has already undertaken some tarty panning in the weeks since receiving its settlement for SR2007 (up to £724 million including exit funding for its relocation programme). Current plans are to allocate sufficient money in 2008-09 to maintain HSE's front-line inspector capacity and continue to implement the current suite of health and safety intervention programmes. HSC/E will be looking more fundamentally at current and emerging health and safety priorities, how they should be best tackled and by whom in light of the Settlement, the Select Committee's Report and a range of other factors. It has not therefore yet made firm allocations for 2009-10 and 2010-11.

E-mail to the Clerk of the Committee from DWP 31 March 2008

  Some early projections suggested that the income for SR 07 would he slightly less than the SR04 figure, but Income depends on demand by customers and levels can be particularly difficult to forecast with certainty over the three year period.

E-mail to the Clerk of the Committee from DWP 31 March 2008

  However quite early in the Spending Review process HSE were charged with looking at their charging schemes to make sure they were applying the full extent of the existing schemes—ie charging for everything they should be charging for now. This work flagged up an additional £12 million over the SR07 period that could be and should be recovered for delivery of the same amount of chargeable work.

E-mail to the Clerk of the Committee from HSE 1 April 2008

  HSE's underspend in 2007-08 was caused largely by the need to carry forward funding into the next period.

  The costs to HSE of the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA), the Office for Civil Nuclear Security (OCNS) and UK Safeguards Office (UKSO), and REACH work have all been met through either transfers from other government departments, from income raised by charging for this work r a combination of both. There has been no financial impact on HSE's net budget position. The future status of the Gangmaster Licensing Authority (GLA) is awaiting Ministerial decision.

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