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Weekly Information Bulletin: 17th November 2007
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The Week Ahead:
19 - 23 November 2007

Date Commons Chamber General Committees Select Committees Lords Chamber Lords Select



19 Nov.

OPQ - Work and Pensions; Topical Questions

Leg - European Communities (Finance) Bill - Second reading

Motions - to change Sel Comm membership

Adj - New flight paths into Southampton and Bournemouth airports

1st DLC - Draft Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions (England) Representations and Appeals Regulations

2nd DLC - Draft Special Immigration Appeals Commission... Rules 2007; Draft Special Proscribed Organisations Appeal Commission...Rules 2007

Communities and Local Government

Public Accounts

Oral Questions

Leg - Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill [HL] - Second reading

EU Sub C

20 Nov.

OPQ - Foreign and Commonwealth Office; Topical Questions

Leg - Channel Tunnel Rail Link (Supplementary Provisions) Bill - Second reading

Adj - Case of Michael Shields

PBC - Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill

ESC - Document 6145/07 and Addenda 1 and 2 relating to Emissions from Road Transport and Inland

3rd DLC - Draft Armed Forces (Redress of Individual Grievances) Regulations 2007; Draft Armed Forces...

Regulations 2007

Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform

Culture, Media and Sport


Environmental Audit

Home Affairs

International Development

Public Administration

Welsh Affairs

Oral Questions

Leg - Local Transport Bill [HL] - Second reading

Motion - on the Pre-Budget Report 2007 for the purposes of EC (Amendment) Act 1993 - motion to approve

Del Leg - Armed Forces (Services Complaints Commissioner) Regulations 2007... Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2007.

EU Sub A

Economic Affairs

European Union


21 Nov.

OPQ - Wales; Prime Minister

Deb - Opposition Day (1st allotted day). i) Health care associated infections, ii) Failure of the government to pursue schools reform

Adj - Policing in Northern Ireland

4th DLC - Draft Criminal Proceedings etc. (Reform) (Scotland) Act 2007... Order 2007

5th DLC - Company and Business Names (Amendment) (No.2) Regulations 2007


Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Foreign Affairs

Home Affairs

Northern Ireland Affairs

Public Accounts


Welsh Affairs

Work and Pensions

Oral Questions

Leg - Dormant Bank and Building Society Accounts Bill [HL] - Second reading

Deb - on the Communications Committee Report on the Chairmanship of the BBC


EU Sub Comm D

EU Sub Comm E


22 Nov.

OPQ - Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform; Topical Questions

Business Statement - Leader of the House

Topical Debate

Leg - Sale of Student Loans Bill - Second reading

Adj - Bass minimum landing size

PBC - Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill

PBC - Crossrail Bill


International Development

Oral Questions

Deb - on the planning, action, and support required by Armed Forces to enable them to meet the long and short-term challenges they face

Del Leg - Social Security (National Insurance Credits) Amendment Regulations 2007... Rent Officers (Housing Benefit Functions) Amendment Order 2007

EU Sub Comm G

23 Nov.

The House will not be sitting None None None None

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Prepared 17 November 2007