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Weekly Information Bulletin
Weekly Information Bulletin: 17th November 2007

Business of the House of Commons
12 - 16 November 2007

Monday 12 November

The House sat at 2.30pm

Oral Questions - Children, Schools and Families; Topical Questions

Presentation of Bill - National Insurance Contributions Bill - Alistair Darling (Bill presented and read a first time)

Debate on the Address - Foreign Affairs, Defence

Adjournment - Commercial use of public information - Mr Mark Todd

The House rose at 10.30pm

Tuesday 13 November

The House sat at 2.30pm

Oral Questions - Health; Topical Questions

Statement - Security Industry Authority - Jacqui Smith

Statement - Avian Influenza - Hilary Benn

Debate on the Address - Health, Education

Adjournment - Government assistance for the peace process in Sri Lanka - Simon Hughes (Withdrawn)

The House rose at 10.23pm

Wednesday 14 November

The House sat at 11.30am

Oral Questions - Northern Ireland; Prime Minister

Statement - National Security - Prime Minister

Debate on the Address - Economy, Work and Pensions

Adjournment - HM Submarine Affray - John McDonnell

The House rose at 8.13pm

Thursday 15 November

The House sat at 10.30am

Oral Questions - Innovation, Universities and Skills; Topical Questions

Business Statement - Leader of the House

Presentation of Bill - Housing and Regeneration Bill - Hazel Blears (Bill presented and read a first time)

Presentation of Bill - Health and Social Care Bill - Alan Johnson (Bill presented and read a first time)

Topical Debate - Immigration

Motion - to approve the appointment of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards (Agreed)

Debate - on International Development (Debate on Motion for Adjournment of the House)

Adjournment - Daedalus airfield - Peter Viggers

Westminster Hall - Debate on the First Report from the Treasury Committee, Session 2006-07, HC 53; and Twelfth and Thirteenth Reports from the Treasury Committee, Session 2005-06, HC848 and HC 1717; and Government and other responses thereto, Forth Special Report, Session 2006-07, HC 437

The House rose at 6.27pm

Friday 16 November

The House did not sit

Written Ministerial Statements
12 - 16 November 2007

12.11.07ECOFIN (9 October 2007) - Mr Alistair Darling
12.11.07ECOFIN - Mr Alistair Darling
12.11.07Double Taxation Convention (United Kingdom and Moldova) - Jane Kennedy
12.11.07School Funding Settlement for 2008-09 to 2010-11 - Jim Knight
12.11.07Defence Technology Plan - Mr Bob Ainsworth
12.11.07Figures on Delayed Discharges - Mr Ivan Lewis
12.11.07Electronic Patient Record - Mr Ben Bradshaw
12.11.07Topical Debates - Ms Harriet Harman
12.11.07Remploy - Mrs Anne McGuire
13.11.07National Insurance Contributions Bill - Kitty Ussher
13.11.07Education, Youth and Culture Council - Margaret Hodge
13.11.07Afghanistan - Mr Bob Ainsworth
13.11.07Tidal Surge - Hilary Benn
13.11.07Foot and Mouth/Blue Tongue Disease - Hilary Benn
13.11.07Topical Debate - Ms Harriet Harman
13.11.07Equality - Ms Harriet Harman
14.11.07Floods - John Healey
14.11.07Protective Security - Jacqui Smith
14.11.07Legislative Programme - Ms Harriet Harman
14.11.07Aviation Security - Ruth Kelly
15.11.07Double Taxation Convention (Slovenia) - Jane Kennedy
15.11.07Departmental Expenditure (ONS) - Angela Eagle
15.11.07Departmental Expenditure (Revenue and Customs) - Jane Kennedy
15.11.07Departmental Expenditure (DBRR) - Mr John Hutton
15.11.07Departmental Expenditure (DCSF) - Ed Balls
15.11.07EU Youth Council - Beverley Hughes
15.11.07Departmental Expenditure - Hazel Blears
15.11.07Departmental Expenditure (Culture, Media and Sport) - James Purnell
15.11.07Supplementary Estimates (MOD) - Des Browne
15.11.07Departmental Expenditure (DEFRA) - Jonathan Shaw
15.11.07Departmental Expenditure (Forestry Commission) - Joan Ruddock
15.11.07Municipal Waste Policy - Joan Ruddock
15.11.07General Affairs and External Relations Council - Mr Jim Murphy
15.11.07Departmental Expenditure - Meg Munn
15.11.07Health Service Provision - Alan Johnson
15.11.07Departmental Expenditure (Food Standards Agency) - Dawn Primarolo
15.11.07Supplementary Estimate (Home Office) - Jacqui Smith
15.11.07Departmental Expenditure (DIUS) - Mr John Denham
15.11.07EU Education Council - Bill Rammell
15.11.07Departmental Expenditure (DFID) - Mr Douglas Alexander
15.11.07Criminal Justice Strategic Plan - Mr Jack Straw
15.11.07Winter Supplementary Estimate (Ministry of Justice) - Mr Jack Straw
15.11.07Departmental Expenditure (Cabinet Office) - Edward Miliband
15.11.07Departmental Expenditure (Charity Commission) - Phil Hope
15.11.07Departmental Expenditure (National School of Government) - Gillian Merron
15.11.07Departmental Expenditure (Government Equalities Office) - Ms Harriet Harman
15.11.07Departmental Expenditure (Northern Ireland Office) - Mr Shaun Woodward
15.11.07European Union - Mr Gordon Brown
15.11.07Departmental Expenditure (Scotland) - Des Browne
15.11.07Departmental Expenditure (Attorney-General) - Vera Baird
15.11.07Departmental Expenditure (Department for Transport) - Ruth Kelly
15.11.07Departmental Expenditure (Wales Office) - Mr Peter Hain
15.11.07Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission - Mr Peter Hain
15.11.07Disability Living Attendance Allowances - Mr James Plaskitt
15.11.07Departmental Expenditure (Work and Pensions) - Mr Peter Hain

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Prepared 17 November 2007