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Weekly Information Bulletin: 17th November 2007

House of Lords Committees:
Forthcoming Public Meetings

Enquiries about Lords Committees may be put to the Lords Committee Office 020 7219 2940

(Subject Matters are in brackets)


EUROPEAN UNION SUB-COMMITTEE C                        4.05pm

Evidence will be heard from Sir Tony Brenton, HMA Moscow, London.

(EU & Russia)


EUROPEAN UNION SUB-COMMITTEE A                        10.40am

Evidence will be heard from Peter Vipond, Association of British Insurers; and Philip Long, Prudential.

(Solvency II)

ECONOMIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE                 (a) 3.35pm (b) 4.15pm

Evidence will be heard from (a) the National Institute for Economic and Social Research; and from (b) Professor David Coleman, Oxford University.

(Economic Impact of Immigration)

EUROPEAN UNION SELECT COMMITTEE                        4.15pm

Evidence will be heard from Mr John Palmer, Former European Editor of the Guardian and Political Director of the European Policy Centre; and Professor Damian Chalmers, Reader in European Union Law, LSE.

(EU Reform Treaty)


COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE                         10.45am

Evidence will be heard from Mr Dominic Lawson, former Editor, The Sunday Telegraph (1995-2005); and Mr Andrew Marr, former Editor, The Independent (1996-1998).

(Media Ownership and the News)

EUROPEAN UNION SUB-COMMITTEE D                        11.00am

Evidence will be heard from Mr Andy Robertson, Chief Executive, NFU (Scotland); Dr Nicholas Fenwick, Director of Agricultural Policy, Mr Derek Morgan, Chairman of Hill Farming and Marginal Land Committee, and Mr Aeron Prysor Jones, Chairman of Livestock, Wool and Marts Committee, Farmers' Union of Wales; and Mr Dai Davies, President, and Mrs Mary James, Deputy Director/Head of Policy, NFU Cymru.

(Future of the Common Agricultural Policy)

EUROPEAN UNION SUB-COMMITTEE E                        4.15pm

Evidence will be heard from Statewatch.

(Impact of the Reform Treaty)


EUROPEAN UNION SUB-COMMITTEE G                        10.00am

Evidence will be heard from Dr Eduardo Fernandez Zincke, Directorate-General Health and Consumer Protection, European Commission.

(Organ donation and transplantation)

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