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Weekly Information Bulletin: 17th November 2007

Private Legislation: General Notes


1RFirst Reading
2RSecond Reading
BCBill committed (as yet the type of Committee is not known)
UBCBill committed to an unopposed committee (If two dates are given the last is the date on which the committee reported)
OBCBill committed to an opposed committee (If two dates are given the last is the date on which the committee reported)
BACBill as amended by the Committee considered (Report stage) (House of Commons only)
3RThird Reading
CACommons' amendments considered by the House of Lords
LALords' amendments considered by the House of Commons
SuspMotion to suspend the Bill to subsequent Sessions. Related formal proceedings in the new session are marked with an asterisk (*)
DebBill debated, otherwise the stages are taken formally. In the House of Commons this will be at 7 pm
Deb adjDebate adjourned
RevMotion to revive the Bill from previous Sessions debated on the date given
ProvProvisional date for next stage - date supplied where known, ie prov 2R: 27.1.2004 - provisional second reading 27 January 2004
*an instruction to the committee will be moved at the same time
#Bills with petitions outstanding

Copies of Private Bills can be obtained from the appropriate Agent, details listed below

Rees & Freres, 1 The Sanctuary, London, SW1P 3JT, 020 7222 5381


Sharpe Pritchard, Elizabeth House, Fulwood Place, London, WC1V 6HG, 020 7405 4600


Bircham Dyson Bell, 50 Broadway, Westminster, London, SW1H 0BL, 020 7227 7000


Winckworth Sherwood, 35 Great Peter Street, London, SW1P 3LR, 020 7593 5000


Vizards Tweedie, 42 Bedford Row, London, WC1R 4JL, 020 7405 1234


Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP, Adelaide House, London Bridge, London, EC4R 9HA, 020 7760 1000


Members of Parliament may obtain copies of Private Bills from the Vote Office.

Complete List of Private bills before Parliament this Session

The following is a list of Private Bills before Parliament. Private Bills originate outside Parliament and are promoted by bodies seeking special powers not available under the general law. Each Bill starts with a petition to Parliament from the promoter for leave to bring in a Bill; this must be deposited on or before 27 November. Any such petitions will be noted below until they gain a 1st Reading.

Parties affected by a Bill may present a petition against it, clearly stating the grounds of their objection. The petitioning period will be shown beneath the Bill until the deadline has expired.

House of Commons Private Bill Office: Sian Jones (Tel: 020 7219 3250 e-mail:

House of Lords Private Bill Office: Chris Bolton (Tel: 020 7219 3231 e-mail:

For an explanation of parliamentary consideration of Private Bills see HCIO Factsheet L4


Lords:1R:22.1.20072R: 20.2.2007 OBC: 3 & 10.7.2007Prov 3R: No date

BROADS AUTHORITY (Winckworth Sherwood)

Commons:1R:23.1.20072R: 25.4.2007OBC: 17 & 18.7.2007


Commons: 1R: 25.1.2005HC Rev: 19.5.2005HL Rev: 24.5.2005
Commons:1R: 25.5.20052R: 21.6.2005OBC: 1, 2 & 3.11.2005* BAC: 8.12.2005

3R: 15.12.2005

Commons:1R: 22.11.2006*2R: 22.11.2006*3R: 22.11.2006
Lords:1R: 15.12.2005 2R: 1.2.2006
Lords:1R: 22.11.2006*2R: 22.11.2006*3R: 22.11.2006UBC: 5.12 & 25.4.2007

Prov 3R: No date


Lords: 1R: 22.1.20072R: 20.2.2007 OBC: 3 & 10.7.2007Prov 3R: No date

TRANSPORT FOR LONDON [HL] 05/06 (Rees & Freres) (the bill is opposed; 4 petitions outstanding against the bill)

Lords:1R: 23.1.20062R: 8.2.2006 OBC: 9.10.2006OBC: 23.10.2006

Susp: 31.10.2006

Lords:1R: 16.11.2006*2R: 16.11.2006UBC: 13.3.20073R: 2.5.2007
Commons:1R: 2.5.20072R: 21.5.2007Prov OBC: No date

(petitioning period in the Commons 3.5.2007 - 14.5.2007)


Lords:1R: 22.1.20072R: 26.4.2007Prov UBC: No date

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Prepared 17 November 2007