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Weekly Information Bulletin: 24th November 2007
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The Week Ahead:
26 - 30 November 2007

Date Commons Chamber General Committees Select Committees Lords Chamber Lords Select



26 Nov.

OPQ - Home Office, including Topical Questions

Leg - Health and Social Care Bill - Second reading

Adj - Flying of the Union Flag on Government buildings

ESC - EU Documents... relating to Global Navigation Satellite System and the European Institute of Technology

1st DLC - Draft Environmental Permitting... Regulations 2007

2nd DLC - Draft Regulators' Compliance Code... Order 2007; Draft Legislative and Regulatory Reform... Order 2007

3rd DLC - Draft Double Taxation Relief... Order 2007; Draft Double Taxation Relief... Order 2007

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Public Accounts

Joint Committee on Human Rights

Oral Questions

Motion - to approve Procedure Committee report

Leg - Children and Young Persons Bill [HL] (Second reading)

Joint Committee on Human Rights

27 Nov.

OPQ - Communities and Local Government, including Topical Questions

Leg - Housing and Regeneration Bill - Second reading

Adj - Measures to conserve Lymington Marshes and Lymington Harbour

PBC - Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill

PBC - Crossrail Bill

Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform

Culture, Media and Sport


Environmental Audit

Home Affairs

Scottish Affairs

Welsh Affairs

Oral Questions

Leg - Climate Change Bill [HL] (Second reading)

EU Sub-Committee A

Science and Technology. Sub-Committee I

Economic Affairs

Merits of Statutory Instruments

EU Select Committee


28 Nov.

OPQ - Scotland; Prime Minister

Deb - Opposition Day (2nd allotted day) - i) Prison crises ii) Performance of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Adj - Bangladesh

4th DLC - Secure Training Centre (Amendment) Rules 2007 Defence

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Foreign Affairs

Innovation, Universities and Skills

Modernisation of the House of Commons


Public Accounts


Work and Pensions

Oral Questions

Leg - Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Bill [HL] (Second reading)



EU Sub-Committee D

EU Sub-Committee E

EU Sub-Committee F


29 Nov.

OPQ - Treasury, including Topical Questions

Business Statement - Leader of the House

Topical Debate - tbc

Deb - Government consultation on convicting rapists and protecting victims

Adj - Allergy services

PBC - Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill

PBC - Crossrail Bill

5th DLC - Guidance Issued Under Section 182 of the Licensing Act 2003


Public Administration


Oral Questions

Leg - Bournemouth Borough Council Bill [HL]; Manchester City Council Bill [HL]

Deb - on the record of the management and prosecution of sexual offences, and to move for papers; on the growth in passenger and freight traffic on Britain's railways, and to move for papers

EU Sub-Committee C

30 Nov.

The House will not be sitting None None Leg House of Lords Bill [HL] Second reading None

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Prepared 24 November 2007