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Weekly Information Bulletin: 24th November 2007

House of Lords Committees:
Forthcoming Public Meetings

Enquiries about Lords Committees may be put to the Lords Committee Office 020 7219 2940

(Subject Matters are in brackets)


JOINT COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RIGHTS                         4.15pm

Evidence will be heard from Michael Wills MP, Human Rights minister.

(Adults with learning disabilities)


EUROPEAN UNION SUB-COMMITTEE A                 (a) 10.40am (b) 11.30am

Evidence will be heard from (a) Michael Folger and Sarah Varney, Financial Services Authority, and Peter Green and Duncan Mackinnon, HM Treasury; and from (b) Peter Skinner MEP, European Parliament.

(Solvency II)

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SUB-COMMITTEE I                        11.10am

Evidence will be heard from Mr Neil Thornton, Director of Sustainable Consumption, Production and Waste, Defra; Mr Tony Pedrotti, Director of Sustainable Development & Regulation Directorate, BERR; and Dr David Evans, Director for Innovation, DIUS.

(Waste Reduction)

ECONOMIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE         (a) 3.35pm (b) 4.15pm (c) 4.45pm

Evidence will be heard from (a) British Medical Association; Royal College of Nursing; and UK Home Care Association; and (b) Professor David Blanchflower; and (c) Dr Janet Dobson, UCL; National Union of Teachers; and National Association of Head Teachers.

(Economic Impact of Immigration)


Evidence will be heard from (a) (a) Lesley Longstone, Director General, Young People and Claire Johnston, Head of Legal Directorate of the Department for Children, Schools and Families; and (b)     Phil Wynn Owen, Director General for Strategy and Pensions, and     Richard Heaton, Director General of the Law, Governance and Special Policy Group of the Department for Works and Pensions.

(Management of Secondary Legislation)

EUROPEAN UNION SELECT COMMITTEE                         4.15pm

Evidence will be heard from David Heathcoat-Amory MP.

(EU Reform Treaty)


COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE                 (a) 10.45am (b) 11.45am

Evidence will be heard from (a) Mr Michael Grade CBE, Executive Chairman, and Mr John Cresswell, Chief Operating Officer, ITV plc; and from (b) Mr Malcolm Wall, CEO of Content, Mr Paul Richmond, Director of Corporate Affairs & Media, Mr Jon James, Director of Group Strategy, and Mr Scott Dresser, Assistant General Counsel, Virgin Media.

(Media Ownership and the News)

EUROPEAN UNION SUB-COMMITTEE D                         11.00am

Evidence will be heard from Fiona Bryant, Head of Sustainable and Rural Development, East of England Development Agency; and Mr Ian Baker, Head of Rural Renaissance at Advantage West Midlands (AWM).

(Future of the CAP)

EUROPEAN UNION SUB-COMMITTEE F                         11.00am

Evidence will be heard from Major Andrew Mallia, Armed Forces of Malta.


CONSTITUTION COMMITTEE                 (a) 11.30am (b) 12.15pm

Evidence will be heard from (a) Professor Clive Norris, Professor of Sociology, University of Sheffield, Dr David Murakami Wood, Lecturer, School of Architecture Planning and Landscape, Newcastle University and from (b) Professor Graham Greenleaf, Professor of Law, University of New South Wales, Australia.

(Surveillance and Data Collection)

EUROPEAN UNION SUB-COMMITTEE E                         4.15pm

Evidence will be heard from the Centre for European Policy Studies.

(Impact of the Reform Treaty)


EUROPEAN UNION SUB-COMMITTEE C                 (a) 10.35am (b) 11.20am

Evidence will be heard from (a) Mr Andrew Mathewson, Directorate for Policy on International Organisations, Ministry of Defence; and from (b) Gloria Craig, Director General International Security Policy, Ministry of Defence; and Mr Andrew Steer, Director of Policy and Research Division, Department for International Development.

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