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Weekly Information Bulletin: 8th March 2008
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The Week Ahead:
10 - 14 March 2008

Date Commons Chamber General Committees Select Committees Lords Chamber Lords Select



10 Mar.

OPQ - Culture, Media and Sport, including Topical Questions, and Minister for the Olympics

Deb - Estimates (2nd allotted day) - i) Northern Rock and Banking Reform, ii) London Underground and Public-Private Partnership agreements

Adj - Future of Harrogate Theatre

1st DLC - Draft Rail Vehicle Accessibility (B2007 Vehicles) Exemption Order 2008

2nd DLC - Draft Crown Agents Holding and Realisation Board (Prescribed Day) Order 2008

ESC - European defence equipment market and European Defence Agency

Public Accounts

Oral Questions

Leg - Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill (Committee stage, day 7)

International Organisations Comm

EU Sub-Comm B


11 Mar.

OPQ -Justice, including Topical Questions

TMRB - Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Amendment) Bill

Leg - proceedings on the Consolidated Fund (Appropriation) Bill

Leg - European Union (Amendment) Bill - Remaining stages

Adj - Regeneration of Newton Aycliffe town centre

PBC - Energy Bill

3rd DLC - Draft Northern Rock plc Compensation Scheme Order 2008

4th DLC - Draft Offender Management Act 2007 (Consequential Amendments) Order 2008

Home Affairs

Environmental Audit

Welsh Affairs

Scottish Affairs

Oral Questions

Leg - Climate Change Bill [HL] (Report stage, day 3)

Del Leg - Northern Rock Compensation Order 2008

Science and Technology Sub-Comm 1

Science and Technology Select Committee


12 Mar.

OPQ - International Development; Prime Minister

TMRB - Nail Bars and Special Treatment Premises (Regulation) Bill

Financial Statement - Budget Report

Adj - Workload of accident and emergency departments

5th DLC - Draft Grants to the Churches Conservation Trust Order 2008

PBC - Special Educational Needs (Information) Bill

Children, Schools and Families

Innovation, Universities and Skills

Northern Ireland Affairs

European Scrutiny

Oral Questions

Leg - Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill (Committee stage, day 8)

Leg - Channel Tunnel Rail Link (Supplementary Provisions) Bill (Grand Committee, Moses Room, 3.45pm)

Del Leg - National Assembly for Wales (Legislative Competence) (Education and Training) Order 2008

EU Sub-Comm D

13 Mar.

OPQ - Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, including Topical Questions

Business Statement - Leader of the House

Deb - Continuation of the Budget debate

Adj - Proposed closure of Abbeville Road Post Office, Clapham

6th DLC - Draft Local Involvement Networks (Duty of Services-Providers to Allow Entry) Regulations 2008


Oral Questions

Leg - Employment Bill [HL] (Grand Committee, day 3, Moses Room, 2.00pm)

Deb - on the Review of Voting Systems: the experience of new voting systems in the United Kingdom since 1997, and to move for papers (L. Tyler); on the changes in budget of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the effect on the European Union's Common Foreign and Security Policy, and to move for papers (L. Wallace of Saltaire)

EU Sub-Comm G


14 Mar.

Private Members' Bills

Adj - Conviction of Mr Luke Atkinson and Mr Michael Binnington in Cyprus

None None Leg - House of Lords (Members' Taxation Status) Bill [HL] (Second reading)

Deb - on the Report of the European Committee on The Single Market: Wallflower or Dancing Partner? - Inquiry into the European Commission's Review of the Single Market (L. Freeman)


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Prepared 8 March 2008