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Weekly Information Bulletin: 26th April 2008

Business of the House of Commons
21 - 25 April 2008

Monday 21 April

The House sat at 2.30pm

Oral Questions - Home Office, including Topical Questions

Statement - Financial Stability - Alistair Darling

Legislation - Finance Bill - Second reading (on a Division, agreed to)

Adjournment - A417 traffic improvement scheme - Mr Geoffrey Clifton-Brown

The House rose at 11.01 pm

Tuesday 22 April

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 9.30am-2.00pm

Westminster Hall Private Members' Debates -

09.30-11.00Metals recycling industry - Dr Alan Whitehead
11.00-12.30Local consultation on large scale housing developments - Mr Philip Hollobone
12.30-13.00Piece Hall, Halifax - Mrs Linda Riordan
13.00-13.30Government subsidies for wind turbines - Mr Keith Simpson
13.30-14.00Plymouth growth plans - Linda Gilroy

The House sat at 2.30pm

Oral Questions - Transports, including Topical Questions

Ten Minute Rule Bill - Road Traffic (Safety) Bill - James Brokenshire (Bill presented and read a First time)

Legislation - Pensions Bill - Remaining stages (as amended, considered and read a Third time)

Adjournment - Inspections of children's homes - Ann Coffey

The House rose at 10.27pm

Wednesday 23 April

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 9.30am-5.00pm

Westminster Hall Private Members' Debates -

09.30-11.00Prison overcrowding and sentencing policy - Mr Elfyn Llwyd
11.00-11.30West Midlands Regional Spatial Strategy revision - Peter Luff
14.30-16.00Housing needs in London - Ms Karen Buck
16.00-16.30Private sector rented housing - Ms Sally Keeble
16.30-17.00Post Office closures in Northavon - Steve Webb

The House sat at 11.30am

Oral Questions - Scotland; Prime Minister

Debate - Opposition Day (10th allotted day) - i) Family doctor services (Motion as amended, agreed); ii) Crime (London) (Motion as amended, agreed

Adjournment - Public family law - John Hemming

The House rose at 7.52pm

Thursday 24 April

The House sat at 10.30am

Oral Questions - Treasury, including Topical Questions

Business Statement - Deputy Leader of the House

Statement - Industrial Action (Grangemouth) - John Hutton

Topical debate - Supermarkets

Debate - On a points based Immigration System - agreed to

Adjournment - Development of Basildon Golf Course - Angela E Smith

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 2.30pm and 5.30pm

Westminster Hall - A debate on the Second Report from the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, HC 202, on Ticket Touting

The House rose at 6.30pm

Friday 25 April

The House sat at 9.30am

Private Members' Bills - Food Products (Marketing to Children) Bill - Nigel Griffiths (2R); Public Sector Buildings (Energy Performance) Bill - Anne Snelgrove (2R); Citizens Convention Bill - Julia Goldsworthy (2R); Football Spectators and Sports Grounds Bill - Mr Russell Brown (2R); Pedlars (Street Trading Regulation) Bill - Dr Brian Iddon (2R); Environment Protection Act 1990 (Amendment) Bill - Mr Bernard Jenkin (2R); Employment Retention Bill - John Robertson (2R); Microgeneration (Definition) (Amendment) Bill - Mr David Drew (2R)

Adjournment - Application of the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act 2000 to candidates for directly elected office - Mr Greg Hands

The Weekly Information Bulletin went to press before the House rose on Friday

Written Ministerial Statements
21 - 25 April 2008

21.04.08Correction to Parliamentary Answer - Joan Ruddock
21.04.08Zimbabwe - David Miliband
21.04.08National Deep Clean Programme - Alan Johnson
21.04.08Health Pay Review Bodies - Alan Johnson
21.04.08Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 (Third Annual Report) - Jacqui Smith
21.04.08Public Law Family Proceedings (Court Fees) - Bridget Prentice
21.04.08The Freedom of Information Act 2000 - Publication of Q4 2007 Monitoring Statistics - Mr Michael Wills
21.04.08Compact on Relations between Government and the Voluntary and Community Sector - Phil Hope
22.04.08Research Strategy 2008-13 - Mr Douglas Alexander
22.04.08Rising Food Prices (International Impact) - Mr Douglas Alexander
22.04.08Airports (Economic Regulations) - Ruth Kelly
22.04.08Child Maintenance and Other Payments Bill - Mr James Plaskitt
22.04.08Households Below Average Income - James Purnell
23.04.08EU Competitiveness Council - Mr Gareth Thomas - Angela Eagle
23.04.08Research Excellence Framework - Mr John Denham
23.04.08Government Chemist Review - Ian Pearson
23.04.08Legal Services Board - Mr Jack Straw
23.04.08Northern Ireland Prison Service - Paul Goggins
24.04.08Iraq - Des Browne
24.04.08Northern Ireland Garrison Restructuring - Mr Bob Ainsworth
24.04.08Withdrawal of Enforcement-Related Marriage Policies DP3/96 and DP2/93 - Mr Liam Byrne
24.04.08Topical Debates - Ms Harriet Harman
24.04.08Business Questions 13 March 2008 (Correction) - Ms Harriet Harman
24.04.08NATO Summit Meeting - Mr Gordon Browne
24.04.08EU Transport Council - Ms Rosie Winterton
24.04.08Pension Transfer Values (Regulations) - Mr Mike O'Brien

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Prepared 26 April 2008