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Weekly Information Bulletin: 12th July 2008

Business of the House of Commons
7 - 11 July 2008

Monday 7 July

The House sat at 2.30pm

Oral Questions - Work and Pensions, including Topical Questions

Statement - Bovine TB - Hilary Benn

Statement - Biofuels - Ruth Kelly

Debate - Estimates Day (3rd allotted day) - i) ticketing and Concessionary travel on public transport (Fifth Report from the Transport Committee, HC 84 and the Government reply, HC 708); ii) science budget allocations (Fourth Report from the Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Committee, HC 215 and Government reply, HC 639)

(Supplementary Estimates agreed to)

Bill Presented - Consolidated Fund (Appropriation) (No. 2) - Jane Kennedy (Bill presented and read the First time)

Adjournment - Availability of Lucentis through West Kent Primary Care Trust - Miss Ann Widdecombe

The House rose at 10.27pm

Tuesday 8 July

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 9.30am-2.00pm

Westminster Hall Private Members' Debates -

09.30-11.00Artists' resale rights - Mark Fisher
11.00-12.30Trafficking of women and children and Pentameter II - Mr Anthony Steen
12.30-13.00Impact of the Rating (Empty Properties) Act 2007 - Mr Chris Mullin
13.00-13.30Contribution of the recreational fishing industry to the economy - Mr Charles Walker
13.30-14.00Job losses at Lyndale Group Limited - John McDonnell

The House sat at 2.30pm

Oral Questions - Transport, including Topical Questions

Ten Minute Rule Bill - Public Contracts (UK Tax Requirements) - Nia Griffith (Bill presented and read the First time)

Legislation - Consolidated Fund (Appropriation) (No. 2) Bill - proceedings (Bill read a Second and Third time)

Programme Motion - Consolidated Fund (Appropriation) (No. 2) Bill (agreed on Division)

Legislation - Criminal Evidence (Witness Anonymity) Bill - all stages (Bill read a Second time; Bill considered in Committee; Bill read a Third time)

Adjournment - Progress of the Building Schools for the Future programme - Dr John Pugh

The House rose at 10.27pm

Wednesday 9 July

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 9.30am-5.00pm

Westminster Hall Private Members' Debates -

09.30-11.00Fishing industry - Sir Alan Beith
11.00-11.30Cost of local government reorganisation in Norfolk - Mr Keith Simpson
14.30-16.00Economic costs of the Severn Barrage - Mr David Drew
16.00-16.30Role of local authorities in tackling child poverty - Kerry McCarthy
16.30-17.00Post Office closures in Torridge and West Devon - Mr Geoffrey Cox

The House sat at 11.30am

Oral Questions - Scotland; Prime Minister

Statement - Communities in Control - Hazel Blears

Ten Minute Rule Bill - Cannabis Seeds (Prohibition) - Tom Brake (Bill presented and read the First time)

Debate -Opposition Day (Unallotted day) (First part), Democratic Unionist Party - Cost of Living (Motion, as amended, agreed on division)

Motion - to approve the draft Council Tax Limitation (Maximum Amounts) (England) Order 2008 (Motion agreed on division)

Legislation - Statute Law Repeals Bill [HL] - remaining stages (Bill read a Second and Third time)

Adjournment - Payment of funeral expenses from the Social Fund - Mr Tom Clarke

The House rose at 7.38pm

Thursday 10 July

The House sat at 10.30am

Oral Questions - Treasury; including Topical Questions

Statement - G8 Summit - the Prime Minister

Business Statement - Leader of the House

Presentation Bill - Safety of Medicines (Evaluation) - Dr Ian Gibson (Bill presented and read the First time)

Legislation - Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Bill [HL] - remaining stages (as amended considered and read the Third time)

Adjournment - Governance of the Isle of Man - Andrew Rosindell

The House rose at 3.47pm

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 2.30pm and 5.30pm

Westminster Hall - debate on Restructuring Afghanistan: Fourth Report from the International Development Committee, HC 65-I, and the Government response, Third Special Report from the Committee, HC 509

Friday 11 July

The House did not sit

Written Ministerial Statements
7 - 11 July 2008

7.07.08Financial Capability - Yvette Cooper
7.07.08Ordnance Survey (Performance Targets 2008-09) - Iain Wright
7.07.08Ministry of Defence Agencies - Derek Twigg
7.07.08Food Security - Hilary Benn
7.07.08Modernising Medical Careers - Alan Johnson
7.07.08Illicit Drugs (Prisons) - Mr Jack Straw
8.07.08Ecofin - Mr Alistair Darling
8.07.08Speech, Language and Communication Needs (Bercow Report) - Ed Balls
8.07.08Afghanistan Roulement - Des Browne
8.07.08Prospects for the European Union in 2008 - Mr Jim Murphy
8.07.08Civil Justice Council - Bridget Prentice
8.07.08Heathrow Consultation - Ruth Kelly
9.07.08Pleural Plaques - Bridget Prentice
9.07.08National Framework for Greater Citizen Engagement - Mr Michael Wills
9.07.08Civil Service Fast Stream - Mr Tom Watson
9.07.08Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland (Annual Report and Accounts) - Mr Shaun Woodward
9.07.08Financial Assistance Scheme - Mr Mike O'Brien
10.07.08EU Energy Council - Malcolm Wicks
10.07.08Departmental Staff Training Costs - Mr Gareth Thomas
10.07.08School Meals - Kevin Brennan
10.07.08PPS6 (Revisions) - Hazel Blears
10.07.08Home Energy Conservation Act Data - Mr Phil Woolas
10.07.08Centre for Environment and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS) - Jonathan Shaw
10.07.08Departmental Expenditure Limits (Budget Switches) - Hilary Benn
10.07.08Visa Waiver Test - Jacqui Smith
10.07.08Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority - Maria Eagle
10.07.08Judicial Appointments Commission annual Report and Accounts 2007-08 - Mr Jack Straw
10.07.08Rights and Responsibilities Agenda (Offender Compacts) - Mr David Hanson
10.07.08Youth Justice Agency Annual Reports and Accounts 2007-08 - Paul Goggins
10.07.08New Cars (Emissions Targets) - Ruth Kelly

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Prepared 12 July 2008