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Weekly Information Bulletin: 11th October 2008

Business of the House of Commons
6 - 10 October 2008

Monday 6 October

The House sat at 2.30pm

Oral Questions - Culture, Media and Sport; Minister for the Olympics; including Topical Questions

Statement - Financial Markets - Mr Alistair Darling

Legislation - Dormant Bank and Building Society Accounts [HL] - Second reading (Bill read a second time)

Legislation - Dormant Bank and Building Society Accounts [HL] - Programme Motion (Agreed)

Legislation - Dormant Bank and Building Society Accounts [HL] - Money Resolution (Agreed)

Adjournment - Regeneration of Southend - Mr David Ames

The House rose at 9.58pm

Tuesday 7 October

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 9.30am-2.00pm

Westminster Hall Private Members' Debates -

09.30-11.00Home Office policy on anti-drug awareness - Mr Graham Allen
11.00-12.30Regional Spatial Strategy for the South West - Steve Webb
12.30-13.00Policing persistent and youth offenders in Northamptonshire - Mr Philip Hollobone
13.00-13.30Local Government Standards Boards - Dr John Pugh
13.30-14.00Housing in Plymouth - Linda Gilroy

The House sat at 2.30pm

Oral Questions - Foreign and Commonwealth Office, including Topical Questions

Bill Presented - Banking - Mr Alistair Darling (Bill presented and read the First time)

Debate - Opposition Day (18th allotted day) - i) Government's fiscal rules (Motion, as amended, agreed);

ii) Unemployment in the UK (Motion, as amended, agreed)

Adjournment - Blackpool Council and supported employment under Workstep - Mr Gordon Marsden

The House rose at 10.56pm

Wednesday 8 October

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 9.30am-5.00pm

Westminster Hall Private Members' Debates -

09.30-11.00Education of children and young people with autism - John Bercow
11.00-11.30Performance of Northamptonshire Police - Mr Peter Bone
14.30-16.00Aviation duty - Graham Stringer
16.00-16.30Westminster Council's population estimate - Mr Mark Field
16.30-17.00Affordable Housing and planning - Andrew George

The House sat at 11.30am

Oral Questions - Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster; Prime Minister

Statement - Financial Stability - Mr Alistair Darling

Ten Minute Rule Bill - European Union (Transparency) - Mr Mark Harper (Motion negatived on division)

Legislation - Children and Young Persons Bill [HL] - remaining stages (Bill reported and read the Third time)

Adjournment - Leicester City Council's market charter - Mr Andrew Robathan

The House rose at 7.23pm

Thursday 9 October

The House sat at 10.30am

Oral Questions - Church Commissioners and Speaker's Committee on the Electoral Commission; Solicitor General; Women and Equality; Leader of the House; House of Commons Commission

Business Statement - Leader of the House

Topical Debate - Financial stability

Debate - Defence in the UK

Adjournment - Gibraltar - Andrew Rosindell

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 2.30pm and 5.30pm

Westminster Hall - a debate on the Third Report from the Children, Schools and Families Committee on Testing and Assessment, HC 169, and the Government and Ofsted responses, HC 1003

The House rose at 6.29pm

Friday 10 October

The House did not sit

*** Details known the previous Monday evening and will appear in Tuesday's Order Paper

Written Ministerial Statements
10 September - 10 October 2008

10.09.08Manufacturing: New challenges, New Opportunities - Malcolm Wicks
10.09.08Annual European Community Finances White Paper - Kitty Ussher
10.09.08The Public Accounts Commission: Sixteenth Report - Angela Eagle
10.09.08Economic and Financial Affairs Council (Budget ECOFIN) - Kitty Ussher
10.09.08Gypsy and Traveller Site Grant - Mr Iain Wright
10.09.08Service Children's Education - Derek Twigg
10.09.08Military Low Flying - Derek Twigg
10.09.08Hong Kong (Six-monthly Report) - David Miliband
10.09.08Georgia - David Miliband
10.09.08PA Consulting (Lost Data) - Jacqui Smith
10.09.08Police Pay - Jacqui Smith
10.09.08Review of Police Injury Awards - Mr Tony McNulty
10.09.08"Audit and Assurance of MPs' Allowances" - Ms Harriet Harman
10.09.08Extraordinary European Council: Georgia/Russia - Mr Gordon Brown
10.09.08Stakeholder Receptions - Mr James Plaskitt
15.09.08QinetiQ - Derek Twigg
15.09.08Project MASS - Derek Twigg
15.09.08HMS Tireless - Mr Bob Ainsworth
15.09.08Armed Forces Compensation Scheme - Derek Twigg
15.09.08Health and Adult Social Care - Mr Ben Bradshaw
15.09.08Control Order Powers (11 June to 10 September 2008) - Mr Tony McNulty
15.09.08Learning and Skills Council - Bill Rammell
15.09.08Front Office Services (Civil Courts) - Maria Eagle
15.09.08Child Maintenance - Mr James Plaskitt
17.09.08Planning - John Healey
17.09.08Regional Spatial Strategy (North-West) - Mr Parmjit Dhanda
17.09.08Iraq - Des Browne
17.09.08Organ Donation - Mr Ben Bradshaw
17.09.08Freedom of Information Act - Mr Michael Wills
17.09.08Suicide Act - Maria Eagle
17.09.08Official Receptions - Jim Fitzpatrick
06.10.08RAF Machrihanish - Mr Kevan Jones
06.10.08Georgia - David Miliband
06.10.08Zimbabwe - David Miliband
06.10.08Fraud Review - Vera Baird
06.10.08Lone Parents Obligations - James Purnell
07.10.08The Rights of the Child - Beverley Hughes
07.10.08Local Government - John Healey
07.10.08Defence Estate Stewardship Report - Mr Kevan Jones
07.10.08Armed Forces Act 2006 - Mr Kevan Jones
07.10.08Marine Bill - Hilary Benn
07.10.08North-East Flooding - Hilary Benn
07.10.08Unsustainable NHS Providers - Mr Ben Bradshaw
07.10.08Dental Services - Alan Johnson
07.10.08Public Guardian Board - Bridget Prentice
07.10.08Independent Monitoring Commission - Mr Shaun Woodward
07.10.08Legislative Competence Order (Agriculture and Rural Development) - Mr Paul Murphy
08.10.08Watling House - Beverley Hughes
08.10.08Kosovo - Mr John Hutton
08.10.08EU Cross Border Healthcare - Dawn Primarolo
08.10.08Paroxysmal Nocturnal Haemoglobinuria - Dawn Primarolo
08.10.08Prescription Charges - Dawn Primarolo
08.10.08EU Transport Council - Mr Geoffrey Hoon
09.10.08Leasehold Advisory Service - Mr Iain Wright
09.10.08Child Sexual Abuse Victims (Pitcairn) - Gillian Merron
09.10.08Named Day Parliamentary Questions (September 2008) Ms Harriet Harman
09.10.08MPs' Allowances (Audit and Assurance) - Ms Harriet Harman
09.10.08Parliamentary Questions Rota - Ms Harriet Harman
09.10.08Stansted Airport (Planning Appeal) - Mr Geoffrey Hoon
09.10.08Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council - Kitty Ussher

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Prepared 11 October 2008