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Weekly Information Bulletin: 11th October 2008

European Communities Documents to be considered

EU documents recommended for debate by the European Scrutiny Committee

Progress of documents to be considered by the House is noted in the "European Union Documents" list, in the Vote Bundle, and on the parliament website at:

Members and others with access to the PIMS database can check the status and progress of EU documentation.

Enquiries can be directed to the European Scrutiny Select Committee office on 020 7219 5467/1548.

The European Scrutiny Select Committee meets each Wednesday at 2.30pm when the House is sitting. Under Standing Order No. 143, the Committee examines: "any proposal under the Community Treaties for legislation by the Council acting jointly with the European parliament".

This includes draft Regulations and Directives, Decisions of the Council and Budgetary documents. The Committee examine the documents for political and legal implications, and decides whether it should be considered further in European Standing Committee, or for the most important documents, on the floor of the House. Recommendations for further consideration are noted in the list of "Memoranda" in the days Votes and Proceedings. Reports of the European Scrutiny Committee are available from TSO or on the parliament website at:

For information on the House of Commons and European Communities Legislation see HCIO Factsheet L11.

COM documents are available for consultation in the 44 European Documentation Centres (most of which are in university libraries) or the 22 European Information Centres.

SEC documents are not normally available for public consultation. The occasional important one on policy issues may be available in the above centres.

For information about your nearest ED or EIC Tel: 020 7973 1992 (London Office of the European Commission) or

Tel: 01482 465941, (ED Librarian, University of Hull).

Members of Parliament may obtain copies from the Vote Office by reference to the yellow demand form, quoting the number after the COM or SEC number.

COM Documents and EC legislation are available from The Stationery Office as ScanFax items, which are supplied as loose-leaf pages. They are printed from an optical disc system. Prices start from £5.10 (incl. VAT @17.5%) for an item of up to 4 pages. Prices include free delivery by fax, or by first class post.

Orders can be placed using a Stationery Office account number, credit card, or cheque in advance. Please telephone

The Stationery Office on Tel: 020 7873 8372/8496, or Fax 020 7873 8416

European Union Website:

European Standing Committee A

CAP 'Health Check' and community action on rising food prices (9656/08 & Addenda 1 and 2 and 9923/08) - to be considered 20.10.2008

Aviation Safety and the Single European Sky (11285/08 and Addenda 1& 2, 11323/08 and Addenda 1 & 2, 11325/08 and 11347/08 & Addendum 1) - 7.10.2008

Carbon Dioxide Emissions from cars and Light Commercial Vehicles (5089/08 and Addenda 1 and 2) - to be considered 13.10.2008

European Standing Committee B

Relations between the EU and the Overseas Countries and Territories (11238/08 and Addendum 1) - awaiting consideration

Management of EU Funds in Bulgaria and Romania and Bulgarian EU accession - awaiting consideration

European Standing Committee C

Facing the challenges of higher oil prices - awaiting consideration

Cross-Border Healthcare (11327/08 and Addendum 1 and 11307/08 and Addenda 1, 2 and 3) - to be considered 21.10.2008

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Prepared 11 October 2008