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Weekly Information Bulletin: 29th November 2008

Draft Bills under consideration
or published during 2007- 08 Session

As part of the reforms to the legislative process initiated by the Modernisation Committee, the government now publishes a number of bills each session in draft form, before they are introduced into parliament as formal bills. This enables consultation and pre-legislative scrutiny before a bill is issued formally.

Increasingly, it had become the practice in recent sessions for the House to refer these to a joint committee of the Commons and Lords appointed for the specific purpose of examining and reporting on a named draft bill. On occasions a draft bill may be referred to one of the departmental select committees or a select committee appointed for that specific purpose.

Listed below are draft bills that are currently under consideration or that have been published during the 2007/08 Session of Parliament. Further information on draft bills, including those from previous sessions can be viewed on the Parliament website at This page links to electronic copies of the draft bills and related publications including select committee reports on the draft bills.

Date Published Paper No
and ISBN
Committee Committee Reports
Government Response
Apprenticeships Bill
16.7.08 Cm 7452 Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills
Construction Contracts Bill
July 08 tbc tbc
Counter-Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Bill
13.10.08 tbc tbc
Cultural Property (Armed Conflicts) Bill
7.1.08 Cm 7298
010 1729820
Culture, Media and Sport HC 693 Cm 7274
Governance of Britain - Constitutional Renewal Bill
25.3.08 Cm 7342-II
010 1734226
Draft Constitutional Renewal Bill (Joint Committee)
HC 551-I, HL 166-I
Heritage Protection Bill

2.4.08 Cm 7349
010 1734929
Culture, Media and Sport HC 821 Cm 7472
Immigration and Citizenship and Bill
(Partial Bill)
14.7.08 Cm 7373
010 1737326
Home Affairs
Marine Bill
3.4.08 Cm 7351
010 1735124
Draft Marine Bill (Joint Committee)
HC 552-II, HL 159-II Cm 7422
Marine Navigation and Port Safety Bill
6.5.08 Cm 7370
010 1737029
Transport HC 709 HC 1104

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