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The omission of provisions which are redundant in whole or in part is an integral part of the rewrite process.

But, for ease of reference, those omissions worthy of specific explanation are listed in the table below. The table also sets out where those explanations can be found.

Redundant provisionTopicSee commentary on clause etc
TMA s.19(2)Lease premiums etc — information on Case VI chargesSchedule 1
TMA ss.12AE and 31(3)Legislating the “Crown Option”Schedule 1
TMA s.90(1)(b) and (2)Interest on unpaid corporation tax1303
ICTA s9(2A) and (6)Computation of income: application of income tax principles969
ICTA s.11(2)(part)Permanent establishments19
ICTA s.12(2)(a)(part)Accounting periods9
ICTA s.12(8)Accounting periodsOverview of Chapter 2 of Part 2
ICTA s.18(3A): Schedule D Case III(b)(i)(part),(ii)Annual payments977
ICTA s.18(3B) to (3E)(part)Sale of couponsOverview of Chapter 6 of Part 10
ICTA s.24(6)(a)Definition of “lease”256
ICTA s.40(1),(2),(3)(part), (4), (4A)Apportionment of sale proceeds259
ICTA s.70(1)Basis of assessment 8
ICTA s.74(1)(c)Private expenses - rent54
ICTA s.74(1)(d)(part)Trade tools68
ICTA s.74(1)(da)CAA: integral features60 and 263
ICTA s.74(1)(f)(part)InterestSchedule 1
ICTA s.74(1)(g)Improvements53
ICTA s.74(1)(h)Notional interestSchedule 1
ICTA s.74(1)(m)AnnuitiesSchedule 1
ICTA s.85Approved profit sharing schemes1000
ICTA s.86(5)(d)Seconded employeesSchedule 1
ICTA s.92Regional development grantsSchedule 1
ICTA s.93(2)(a)(part), (b)Industrial development grants102
ICTA s.95(1C)Dealers in securities130
ICTA s.101Valuation of work in progressSchedule 1
ICTA s.104(3)Post-cessation receiptsOverview of Chapter 15 of Part 3
ICTA s.105(1)(part), (3)(part)Post-cessation receipts - capital allowances197
ICTA s.110(3),(4),(5)Post-cessation receiptsOverview of Chapter 15 of Part 3
ICTA s.116(5)Transfer of relief1260
ICTA s.337A(2)(b)Computation of income: intangible fixed assetsSchedule 1
ICTA s.399(1B)Dealings in commodity futures etc: withdrawal of loss reliefSchedule 1
ICTA s.491(9),(11)(part)Mutual concerns - examples dropped101
ICTA s.695(6)Beneficiaries income from estates in administration961
ICTA s.698(1)(part)Aggregate income of an estate947
ICTA s.699A(1)(b)Untaxed sums in income of an estate963
ICTA s.700(5)(part)Statements relating to estate income967
ICTA s.701(6), (7)Charges on residue947
ICTA s.826(5A)Interest payable Schedule 1
ICTA Sch.5 para.3(4)(b)Herd basis - replacement of animals114
ICTA Sch.5 para.7(part)Herd basis - working animal rule110
ICTA Sch.5 para.9(part)Herd basis - working animal rule110
FA 1988 Sch.7(part)Company residence15
FA 1988 Sch.12(part)Building societiesSchedule 1
TCGA s. 158(part)Meaning of “trade” etcSchedule 1
TCGA s. 201(2)Mineral leases: royaltiesOverview of Chapter 7 of Part 4
FA 1995 s.126(7A)(part)Non-residentsSchedule 1
FA 1994 s.250Supplementary provisions on companies treated as non-UK resident18
FA 1996 s.81(6)Currency other than sterling303
FA 1996 s.103(1AA)(b)Other profits, gains or losses475
FA 1996 Sch.8 para.3(2)(a)(ii)Carry back of deficits462
FA 1996 Sch.9 para.12H(2)(b)Transparent entities429
FA 1996 Sch.9 para.19A(4C)Change of accounting policy: beginning of later period318
FA 1996 Sch.10 paras.8(6A), 8(6B)Class of shares of an open-ended investment company 495
FA 1996 Sch.10 para.8(7C)(b)Non-qualifying investments test493
FA 1996 Sch.11 para.4(2)(a)(part)Insurance profits and gains388
FA 2000 s.46(2A)(part)Charitable company exemptionsSchedule 1
FA 2000 s.50Approved profit sharing schemes1000
FA 2000 Sch.20 para 3(2)Research and development1052, 1053
FA 2000 Sch.20 para 24Research and development1054
FA 2001 Sch.22 para.1(4)(a)Contaminated Land1147
FA 2001 Sch.22 para.30Contaminated Land1179
FA 2002 Sch 12 para.4(5)Research and development1077
FA 2002 Sch 12 para.5(5)Research and development1078
FA 2002 Sch 12 para.9(4)Research and development1066
FA 2002 Sch 12 para.10(4)Research and development1067, 1071, 1072
FA 2002 Sch 12 para.10B(c)Research and development1071
FA 2002 Sch 13 para.3(4)Research and development1101
FA 2002 Sch 13 para.7(5)Research and development1102
FA 2002 Sch.26 para. 2A(2)(b)(part)Derivative contracts586
FA 2002 Sch.26 para. 4(2B)(a)(part), (2C)(a)(part) and (2CA)(a)(part)Derivative contracts591
FA 2002 Sch.26 para. 12(4)(part)Derivative contracts582
FA 2002 Sch.26 para. 29(4)Derivative contracts636
FA 2002 Sch.26 para. 34Derivative contracts637
FA 2002 Sch.26 para. 38(2)(a)(part) and (3)Derivative contracts637
FA 2002 Sch.26 para. 38A(2)(a)(part) and (3)Derivative contracts638
FA 2002 Sch.26 para. 41Derivative contractsOverview of Chapter 6 of Part 7
FA 2002 Sch.26 para. 45C(2)Derivative contracts643
FA 2002 Sch.26 para. 45D(3)Derivative contracts645
FA 2002 Sch.26 para. 45F(3)Derivative contracts648
FA 2002 Sch.26 para. 45G(1B)Derivative contracts650
FA 2002 Sch.26 para. 45J(5)(a)(part)Derivative contracts653
FA 2002 Sch.26 para. 45JA(4)(part)Derivative contracts666
FA 2002 Sch.26 para. 53(2)(part)Derivative contracts578
FA 2002 Sch.26 para 54(1)(part)Derivative contracts710
FA 2002 Sch.29 para.32(4)Intangible fixed assets748
FA 2002 Sch.29 para.132(2) to (4)Intangible fixed assetsSchedule 1
FA 2002 Sch.29 para.141Intangible fixed assetsSchedule 1
FA 2003 Sch.23 para.20(3)Other relief for employee share acquisitions1009
FA 2008 Sch.13 para.6(1)Company gains from investment life insurance contracts566
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Prepared: 5 December 2008