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Notices of Amendments


given on


Thursday 12 February 2009


Consideration of Bill


Business Rate Supplements Bill


Project Delivery Board


Dan Rogerson


Lorely Burt




To move the following Clause:—



Where a levying authority imposes a BRS it shall set up a body corporate called


the Project Delivery Board (in this Act referred to to as “the Board”) to oversee


delivery of the project to be funded by the BRS.



Schedule [Project Delivery Board] is about the Board.’.


Dan Rogerson


Lorely Burt




To move the following Schedule:—


‘Project Delivery Board



A Board shall be established at the first instance of an initial prospectus being


published for the imposition of an approved BRS.



A Board shall exisit for the period in which the BRS is in existence.



The members of the Board are to be appointed by the relevant levying


authority in the following way—



a third are to be representatives from the affected local authority;



a third are to be representatives from the affected local business





the remainder is to be made up of members appointed as thought


appropriate by the relevant levying authority.



In appointing members to the Board the levying authority must have regard to


the desirability of securing that the Board is able to perform its functions


effectively and efficiently.



Where two or more levying authorities are acting jointly by virtue of a BRS the


Board shall be established by arrangement between those levying authorities.


Notices of Amendments: 12 February 2009                  



Business Rate Supplements Bill, continued



The Board’s functions are to be specified by regulations.



Regulations under paragraph 6 must be made by the Secretary of State within


90 days of the commencement of this Act.



Regulations under paragraph 6 may authorise a levying authority to use a


prescribed proportion of such sums as it collects or recovers in respect of a


BRS to meet expenses incurred by the Board.



Expenses incurred under paragraph 8 may not extend to a salary for any Board




Dan Rogerson


Lorely Burt




Page  13,  line  6,  leave out Clause 19.


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