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Wednesday 15 July 2009


Public Bill Committee


New Amendments handed in are marked thus Parliamentary Star


Parliamentary Star - whiteAmendments which will comply with the required notice period at their next appearance


Crown Employment (Nationality) Bill


Angela E. Smith




Parliamentary Star    

Clause  2,  page  1,  leave out lines 13 to 16 and insert ‘in a reserved post.



A post is a reserved post if—



it is a post in any of the security and intelligence services, or



it is within subsection (1B) or (2), and a Minister of the Crown has


determined that it is necessary for requirements as to nationality to be


satisfied in relation to the post.



The posts within this subsection are—



posts in Her Majesty’s Diplomatic Service and posts in the Foreign and


Commonwealth Office, and



posts in the Defence Intelligence Staff.



The posts within this subsection are posts whose functions are concerned with—



access to intelligence information received directly or indirectly from


any of the security and intelligence services,



access to other information which, if disclosed without authority or


otherwise misused, might damage the interests of national security,



access to other information which, if disclosed without authority or


otherwise misused, might be prejudicial to the interests of the United


Kingdom or the safety of its citizens, or



border control or decisions about immigration.



A determination under subsection (1)(b) may relate to a particular post or posts,


or to posts falling within a description specified in the determination.



In this section “the security and intelligence services” means—



the Security Service,



the Secret Intelligence Service, and



the Government Communications Headquarters.’.


Angela E. Smith




Clause  2,  page  1,  line  17,  after ‘also’, insert ‘(a)’.


Public Bill Committee: 15 July 2009                     



Crown Employment (Nationality) Bill, continued


Angela E. Smith




Clause  2,  page  1,  line  18,  leave out from ‘with’ to end of line 21 and insert ‘a


person who must satisfy requirements imposed under subsection (1), and



provide that any requirement imposed under paragraph (a) may be treated


as satisfied if a connected person has or had substantial ties with the


United Kingdom.’.


Angela E. Smith




Clause  2,  page  2,  line  11,  leave out ‘(4)(b)’ and insert ‘(5)(b)’.


Angela E. Smith




Clause  2,  page  2,  line  13,  leave out ‘someone’ and insert ‘a person’.


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