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The Treasury shall lay a copy of the report before Parliament.



If a review recommends further reviews—



the Treasury may arrange for the further reviews, and



subsections (3) to (6) (and this subsection) shall apply to them.”


Insert the following new Clause—


“Banking (Special Provisions) Act 2008: Compensation: valuer


Without prejudice to the generality of section 12 of the Banking (Special


Provisions) Act 2008 (consequential and supplementary provision), it is


declared that the power under section 9 of that Act to make provision for


the appointment of a valuer includes power to replicate, or to make


provision of a kind that may be made under, section 55(1) to (3) of this Act.”

Clause 228


Page 111, line 33, at end insert—



In pursuing the Financial Stability Objective the Bank shall aim to work


with other relevant bodies (including the Treasury and the Financial


Services Authority).”


Page 112, line 32, after “interest” insert “(including any reasonably likely future




Page 112, line 33, leave out “with the Bank”


Page 112, leave out lines 41 to 44

Clause 246


Page 120, line 37, at end insert “(in new terms).”

Clause 249


Page 121, line 36, leave out “Negative resolution” and insert “Draft affirmative




Page 123, line 6, at end insert—



Bank of England directions:

Negative resolution”





Page 124, line 13, at end insert “(in new terms).”

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