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Wednesday 11 March 2009


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Consideration of Bill


Coroners and Justice Bill, As Amended


Inquests into the death of a child (restrictions on publication in newspapers)


Mrs Madeleine Moon




To move the following Clause:—



Section 39 of the Children and Young Persons Act 1933 (power to prohibit


publication of certain matters in newspapers) is amended as follows.



After subsection (1) insert—



If the proceedings are an inquest and relate to the death of a child, the


court must direct that no newspaper report of the proceedings shall reveal


the identity of the deceased child except in so far (if at all) as may be


permitted by the direction of the court, unless the court considers that it


would be contrary to the interests of justice to make such a direction.”.



In subsection (3) at end add “and includes proceedings in a coroner’s court”.’.


Academic research


Mrs Madeleine Moon




To move the following Clause:—


‘It shall be the duty of a coroner to co-operate, so far as is reasonably practicable,


with bona fide academic research into the operation of the coronial system and


related matters.’.


Notices of Amendments: 11 March 2009                  



Coroners and Justice Bill, continued


ICD classification of cause of death


Mrs Madeleine Moon




To move the following Clause:—


‘Each verdict recorded by a coroner must include a classification of the cause of


death according to one of the categories in the most recent version of the


International Classification of Deaths published by the World Health




Clusters of deaths


Mrs Madeleine Moon




To move the following Clause:—



The Chief Coroner must have regard to any evidence placed before him which


indicates clusters of deaths in a given geographic area, location, or profession,


and must ensure that an investigation is carried out in relation to the causes of the


cluster of deaths by appropriate and suitably qualified researchers.



The results of the investigation must be reported to the appropriate authority,


which must publish details of the action which needs to be taken to prevent


subsequent deaths.’.


Abolition of offences of sedition and seditious libel


Dr Evan Harris




To move the following Clause:—



The offences of sedition and seditious libel under the common law of England


and Wales are abolished.



In the Criminal Libel Act 1819 (60 Geo. 3 & 1 Geo. 4 c. 8) section 1 (orders for


seizure of copies of seditious libel) and section 2 (disposal of seized copies) are





Subsection (2) extends to England and Wales only.’.


Expiry of provisions relating to partial defence to murder


Dr Evan Harris




To move the following Clause:—


‘Sections 39 to 43 shall cease to have effect on 1 January 2012.’.


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