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Notices of Amendments: 18 June 2009                     



Equality Bill, continued



A factor is within this subsection if—



as a result of the factor, A and persons of the same sex as A are or would


be put at a particular disadvantage when compared with persons of the


opposite sex, but



the responsible person shows that relying on the factor is objectively


justified by a legitimate aim and the means of achieving that aim are


appropriate and necessary.



A sex equality rule has no effect in relation to a difference between A and B in


the effect of a relevant matter if the trustees or managers of the scheme in question


show that the difference is because of a material factor which—



does not constitute discrimination because of sex within the meaning of


section 13 and



which is within subsection (2).



“Relevant matter” has the meaning given in section 62.



For the purposes of this section, a factor is not material unless it is a material


difference between A’s case and B’s.’.


Dr Evan Harris


Lynne Featherstone




Page  50,  line  20,  leave out Clause 66.


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