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House of Commons


Notices of Amendments


given on


Wednesday 6 May 2009


Committee of the whole House


Finance Bill


(Clauses 7, 8, 9, 11, 14, 16, 20 and 92)


Mr Mark Hoban


Mr David Gauke


Mr Greg Hands




Clause  7,  page  3,  line  16,  leave out ‘28%’ and insert ‘25%’.


Mr Mark Hoban


Mr David Gauke


Mr Greg Hands




Clause  8,  page  3,  line  22,  leave out ‘21%’ and insert ‘20%’.


Mr Mark Hoban


Mr David Gauke


Mr Greg Hands




Clause  8,  page  3,  line  25,  leave out ‘7/400ths’ and insert ‘1/50th’.


Mr Mark Hoban


Mr David Gauke


Mr Greg Hands




Clause  92,  page  45,  line  18,  leave out from ‘after’ to end of line 19 and insert ‘one


year after the day on which this Act is passed.’.


Notices of Amendments: 6 May 2009                      



Finance Bill, continued


Mr Alan Reid


Danny Alexander


Mr David Heath


Sir Robert Smith


Mr Roger Williams


John Thurso


Dan Rogerson


Mr Colin Breed


Julia Goldsworthy


Mr Michael Moore


Mark Williams




Clause  16,  page  10,  line  39,  at end insert—



After section 6AF insert the following—



Remote rural fuel discount scheme



The Treasury shall by regulations provide for the introduction, by no later


than 1 April 2010, of a remote rural fuel discount scheme.



The purpose of the scheme is to provide a rebate on road fuel duty at


qualifying retail outlets in qualifying areas to reduce the premium paid


for fuel in such areas over the national average.



Qualifying retail outlets under subsection (2) are outlets located in


qualifying areas meeting any criteria as defined under subsection (4).



Qualifying areas are remote rural areas as may be defined by regulations


under subsection (1).



Regulations under subsection (1) may—



specify the amount of the fuel duty rebate;



define ‘remote rural areas’;



define qualifying retail outlets, including any restriction;



specify how the rebate is to be applied, including—



authorising HMRC to define procedures and conduct


audits, and



how any administrative costs are to be defrayed;



provide for it to be an offence for a person fraudulently to supply


or sell rebated fuel other than as proscribed by these regulations;



provide for a system of registration of eligible retail outlets; and



provide for the scheme to be administered in Scotland by the


Scottish Executive, in Wales by the Welsh Ministers and in


Northern Ireland by the Northern Ireland Executive.”.’.


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