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House of Commons


Wednesday 13 May 2009


Committee of the whole House


Finance Bill


(Clauses 7, 8, 9, 11, 14, 16, 20 and 92)




The Amendments have been arranged in accordance with the Order of the


Committee [12 May].



Mr Mark Hoban


Mr David Gauke


Mr Greg Hands




Clause  92,  page  45,  line  18,  after ‘after’, insert ‘the first anniversary of’.



Mr Frank Field


David Taylor




Clause  14,  page  7,  line  23,  leave out from end of line to end of line 20 on page 9 and





For paragraphs 1A and 1B substitute—



The annual rate of vehicle excise duty applicable to a vehicle to which


this Part of this Schedule applies shall be determined in accordance with


Table AA.


Committee of the whole House: 13 May 2009                



Finance Bill, continued




Engine capacity




Not exceeding



1,000 cc



1,000 cc

1,500 cc



1,500 cc

2000 cc



2,000 cc

2,500 cc



2,500 cc

3,000 cc



3,000 cc





Stewart Hosie




Clause  16,  page  10,  line  24,  at end insert—



In section 6 (excise duty on hydrocarbon oil) after subsection (1A) (as amended


by subsection (2) above), insert—



In every Budget Statement and pre-Budget Statement the Chancellor of


the Exchequer must provide a forecast for oil prices and set out


anticipated yield from fuel duty and VAT on fuel for that price and for a


range of prices up to 50 per cent. above his forecast.



The Treasury must, following each such statement, by regulations made


by statutory instrument reduce the rates of duty specified in subsection


(1A) in direct proportion to the increase in the costs accounted for by





Whenever international oil prices rise above the level estimated by the


forecast made in accordance with subsection (1AA), indexed fuel duty


increases shall not take effect until the international oil prices return to


the forecast level or the forecast price is amended by the next Budget or


pre-Budget Statement.”’.


Mr Alan Reid


Danny Alexander


Mr David Heath


Sir Robert Smith


Mr Roger Williams


John Thurso




Clause  16,  page  10,  line  39,  at end insert—



After section 14F insert the following—



Remote rural fuel discount scheme



The Treasury shall by regulations provide for the introduction, by no later


than 1 April 2010, of a remote rural fuel discount scheme.


Committee of the whole House: 13 May 2009                



Finance Bill, continued



The purpose of the scheme is to provide a rebate on road fuel duty at


qualifying retail outlets in qualifying areas to reduce the premium paid


for fuel in such areas over the national average.



Qualifying retail outlets under subsection (2) are outlets located in


qualifying areas meeting any criteria as defined under subsection (4).



Qualifying areas are remote rural areas as may be defined by regulations


under subsection (1).



Regulations under subsection (1) may—



specify the amount of the fuel duty rebate;



define ‘remote rural areas’;



define qualifying retail outlets, including any restriction;



specify how the rebate is to be applied, including—



authorising HMRC to define procedures and conduct


audits, and



how any administrative costs are to be defrayed;



provide for it to be an offence for a person fraudulently to supply


or sell rebated fuel other than as proscribed by these regulations;



provide for a system of registration of eligible retail outlets; and



provide for the scheme to be administered in Scotland by the


Scottish Executive, in Wales by the Welsh Ministers and in


Northern Ireland by the Northern Ireland Executive.”.’.


Mr Mark Hoban


Mr David Gauke


Mr Greg Hands




Clause  16,  page  10,  line  40,  at end add ‘, provided that before this date, the


Chancellor has published a report examining the costs and benefits of the introduction of


an automatic fuel duty stabiliser whereby the rates set out in HODA 1979 vary inversely


in comparison to oil prices.’.



Stewart Hosie




Clause  20,  page  12,  line  15,  leave out subsection (2).


Mr Jeremy Browne


Dr Vincent Cable


Mr Colin Breed


Dr John Pugh




Clause  20,  page  12,  line  18,  at end insert—



The Treasury must, before the publication of the 2009 Pre-Budget Report,


prepare and lay before the House of Commons a report on the impact of the


increase in bingo duty under subsection (2) on the competitiveness of licensed


bingo clubs.



A Minister of the Crown must, not later than one month after the report has been


laid before the House of Commons, make a motion in that House in relation to the




Committee of the whole House: 13 May 2009                



Finance Bill, continued


Mr Mark Hoban


Mr David Gauke


Mr Greg Hands




Clause  20,  page  12,  line  19,  leave out from ‘effect’ to end of line 20 and insert ‘as


the Treasury may by order provide.



An order under subsection (4)—



shall be made by statutory instrument,



may not be made unless a draft has been laid before and approved by


resolution of the House of Commons, and



may not be made until proceedings in the High Court in relation to The


Commissioners for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs vs The Rank


Group plc (CH 2008/APP/0448) have concluded.’.



Order of the House [6 MAY 2009]


That the following provisions shall apply to the Finance Bill:




Clauses 7, 8, 9, 11, 14, 16, 20 and 92 be committed to a Committee of the


whole House;



the remainder of the Bill be committed to a Public Bill Committee; and



when the provisions of the Bill considered by the Committee of the whole


House and the Public Bill Committee have been reported to the House, the


Bill be proceeded with as if it had been reported as a whole to the House from


the Public Bill Committee.



Order of the Committee [12 May 2009]


That the Order in which proceedings in the Committee of the whole House on the


Finance Bill are taken shall be: Clauses 7, 8, 9, 11, 92, 14 16, and 20.


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