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Health Bill [HL]

Health Bill [HL]
Schedule 6 — Repeals and revocations



Schedule 6

Section 37


Repeals and revocations



Extent of repeal or revocation


Children and Young Persons

In section 12D(1), the word “or” at the end of


Act 1933 (c. 12)

paragraph (a).




Health Service Commissioners

In Schedule 2, paragraph 3.


Act 1993 (c. 46)


Tobacco Advertising and

Section 13(4).


Promotion Act 2002 (c. 36)

In section 14—



subsection (11);





in subsection (12), the word “or” at the


end of paragraph (a).


Section 16(1A).


Public Services Ombudsman

In Schedule 6, paragraph 12(3).


(Wales) Act 2005 (c. 10)




National Health Service Act

In section 129(4), paragraph (a).


2006 (c. 41)

In section 129(6)(d), the words “in pursuance of


such an application”.


In section 276, the entry for “pilot scheme”.


In Schedule 12, paragraph 1(2)(c).




National Health Service (Wales)

In section 83(6)(d), the words “in pursuance of


Act 2006 (c. 42)

such an application”.


In Schedule 7, paragraph 1(2)(c).


In Schedule 10, in paragraph 2(a), the words


from “(including” to the end.




Safeguarding Vulnerable

In section 59(1), the word “or” at the end of


Groups Act 2006 (c. 47)

paragraph (i).


Tobacco Advertising and

Regulation 7.


Promotion Act 2002 etc


(Amendment) Regulations




2006 (S.I. 2006/2369)


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