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Wednesday 8 July 2009


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1017-19 and 1063-64


Consideration of Bill


Health Bill [Lords], As Amended


NHS Health Tribunal


Sandra Gidley


Dr John Pugh




To move the following Clause:—



There shall be an NHS Health Tribunal in England and Wales.



In this chapter “NHS Health Tribunal” means a Tribunal established using the


meaning and powers described by the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act


2007 (c. 15).



The NHS Tribunal shall—



enforce the NHS Constitution;



exercise its authority in relation to bodies defined in section 2(1) of this





exercise its authority pursuant to the performance of its NHS functions as


defined in section 2(3) of this Act;



exercise its authority in relation to persons providing NHS Services as


defined in section 2(7) of this Act.’.


Discolosure of tobacco industry promotional and research activity


Frank Dobson


Mr Kevin Barron




To move the following Clause:—



The Secretary of State shall make regulations to require a business which in the


course of its activity sells a tobacco product or causes one to be sold to disclose


details of its marketing and research activities.



Disclosure shall consist of but is not limited to—


Notices of Amendments: 8 July 2009                     



Health Bill [Lords], continued



the total amount spent on distribution, advertising and selling costs


deducted from corporation tax;



distribution costs;



promotional allowances at retail;



competition prizes at retail;



tobacco display gantries at retail;



speciality item distribution;



brand development;



packaging design;



online marketing activity;



advertising in specialist trade press;



corporate social responsibility activities;



market research;



product research; and



any other marketing and research activity which represents more than


5   per cent. of the total spending by the business.



The Secretary of State shall make regulations to require disclosure of information


and results from all market research and scientific research conducted by the


businesses specified in subsection (1) in relation to tobacco products by type of





The Secretary of State shall require all information required by subsections (1)


and (3) to be submitted on a quarterly basis by businesses specified in subsection


(1) and shall, within three months, publish a report aggregating the data.



A person who does not comply with regulations under this section shall be guilty


of an offence.



The provisions of section 13 (Enforcement), 14 (Powers of entry, etc), 15


(Obstruction, etc of officers) and 16 (Penalties) of the Tobacco Advertising and


Promotion Act 2002 shall apply to this section.’.


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