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Notices of Amendments


given on


Wednesday 4 November 2009


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Committee of the whole House


Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill


Procedure Committee amendments to standing orders


John Hemming




To move the following Clause:—


‘Standing Orders of the House of Commons shall make provision for the


Procedure Committee to have the power to table amendments to Standing Orders


for the whole House to accept or reject following a short debate within one week


of the tabling of such amendments.’.


Mr Andrew Tyrie


Keith Vaz




Clause  27,  page  13,  line  32,  at end insert ‘or a term peer within the meaning of


section [Term peerages] of this Act’.


Mr Andrew Tyrie


Keith Vaz




Schedule  3,  page  46,  line  19,  after ‘(c.21)’, insert ‘or a term peer under section


[Term peerages]’.


Term peerages


Mr Andrew Tyrie


Keith Vaz




To move the following Clause:—



Her Majesty shall have power by letters patent to confer on any person a term


peerage having the incidents specified in subsection (2) of this section.


Notices of Amendments: 4 November 2009                  



Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill, continued



A term peerage conferred under this section shall entitle the person on whom it is





to rank as a baron under such style as may be appointed by the letters


patent; and



subject to the relevant provisions of sections 27 to 30 above, to receive


writs of summons to attend the House of Lords and sit and vote therein





Subject to subsection (4), a term peerage conferred under this section shall expire


on the appointed day of poll for the third General Election after the day on which


the term peerage was conferred.



Where a period of two years or less has elapsed from the day of conferment of a


term peerage under this section to the day of poll for a General Election, that poll


for a General Election shall be disregarded for the purposes of calculation under


subsection (3) above of the time of expiry of that term peerage.’.


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