15 Dec 2008 : Column 13P

15 Dec 2008 : Column 13P


Monday 15 December 2008



Traffic Management (Essex)

The Petition of Christopher Rankin, residents of New Park Road Benfleet and others,

Declares that access arrangements for Appleton School currently cause great inconvenience to residents and pose a danger to school children and the wider community since New Park Road is totally unsuitable for large volumes of traffic and commercial vehicles which cause safety concerns for the children who use it and cause unacceptable vibrations, adverse noise and other pollutants reducing the quality of life for residents.

The Petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urges the Government to change advice given on access to schools to take greater account of the
15 Dec 2008 : Column 14P
needs of residents, and does urge Castle Point Borough Council and the Highways Authority to design a more appropriate traffic management system to protect the Quality of life of all residents

And the Petitioners remain, etc. —[Presented by Bob Spink , Official Report, 10 November 2008; Vol. 482, c. 609 .]


Observations from the Secretary of State for Transport:

New Park Road, Benfleet is a local road for which the local highway authority has responsibility. The provision of traffic management measures on such roads is for the authority to consider.

Local authorities have a duty under Section 122 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 to exercise their functions under the Act, so as to ensure the expeditious, convenient and safe movement of traffic - including pedestrians.

In so doing, they must have regard to the effect on the amenity of the local area when developing their traffic management policies.

Local authorities are aware, both of their duties in this respect, and of the range of guidance provided by Government Departments to assist them in developing appropriate traffic management solutions.

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