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The change in total DEL of £146,802,000 relates to the draw down of End Year Flexibility of £89,334,000 (£81,534,000 resource and £7,800,000 capital); rephrasing of non-cash budgets from 2009-10 into 2008-09 of £12,184,000 for PNSI and Compensation Agency; additional funding of £12,250,000 for the implementation of FRS 17 and FRS 26; and resource and capital budget transfers with other government departments resulting in a net increase of £272,000.

The take up of End Year Flexibility is required to supplement baselines in Political Directorate, Criminal Justice Directorate, Northern Ireland Prison Service, Central Administration, Public Prosecution Service, Youth Justice Agency, Policing Non-Severance, Bloody Sunday Inquiry, Policing and Security and Compensation Agency.

12 Feb 2009 : Column 110WS

The administration budget decreases by £1,260,000 from £77,285,000 to £76,025,000. This is due to the transfer of £1,726,000 from Administration to Programme for Forensic Science Northern Ireland and life Sentence Review Commissioners. Additionally there are resource budget transfers of £500,000 from the Department of Finance and personnel, Northern Ireland for accommodation costs; £28,000 to the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister, Northern Ireland for staff costs; and £6,000 to the Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills for the Skills Strategy for Government programme.

The increase in capital DEL of £7,960,000 reflects the budget transfer of £160,000 from the Department of Finance and Personnel, Northern Ireland for energy costs in the Northern Ireland prison Service and the take up of £7,800,000 End Year Flexibility to meet additional capital requirements in the Northern Ireland Prison Service.

The Northern Ireland Executive DEL will increase by £182,606,000 from £8,881,173,000 to £9,063,779,000.

The change reflects the take up of End Year Flexibility of £225,000,000 (£125,000,000 resource and £100,000,000 capital); additions of £1,809,000 arising from the 2009 Pre Budget Report; net outward budget transfers to other departments of £2,748,000; a reduction of £50,880,000 for Northern Ireland Water as a result of it becoming a Government owned Company; an increase of £9,425,000 to take account of capital reprofiling from 2010-11.


Departmental Expenditure Limits

The Secretary of State for Scotland (Mr. Jim Murphy): Subject to parliamentary approval of the necessary Supplementary Estimates, the departmental expenditure limit (DEL) provision for the administration of the Scotland Office will be increased by £1,300,000 and takes account of the following routine adjustment:

A take-up of near cash end year flexibility of £1,300,000.

The increase will be added to the planned total of public expenditure spending commitments in the current financial year.

The Scotland DEL will increase by £75,866,000 from £27,459,943,000 to £27,535,809,000.

The Scotland DEL increase takes account of the following routine adjustments to the Scottish Executive provision:

a transfer of £114,000 from the Department for Work and Pensions in respect of child poverty pilots;

a transfer of £157,000 from the Department for Children, Schools and Families in respect of Child Trust Fund—Top ups for Looked after Children;

the take up of 2008 Budget consequentials by the Scottish Executive amounting to £5,435,000;

the take up of 2008 Budget consequentials in respect of Capital Fiscal Stimulus amounting to £32,960,000;

the take up of additional Capital Fiscal Stimulus funding amounting to £20,200,000; and

an increase in respect of classification change for Scottish water cost of capital amounting to £17,000,000.

12 Feb 2009 : Column 111WS


Serious Fraud Office (Contingency Fund)

The Solicitor-General (Vera Baird): My right hon. Friend the Attorney-General has made the following written ministerial statement:

“Following the ministerial statement on 13 January 2009 and discussions in the House on 15 January 2009, this subsequent statement provides further explanation of the Serious Fraud Office’s access to an advance from the Contingencies Fund ahead of the forthcoming spring supplementary estimate.

The Serious Fraud Office is funded in a different way to most other departments. There are four elements to its funding: its core operations; its large, so-called blockbuster cases; modernisation and transformation programmes; and asset recovery receipts. In addition, like many departments the Serious Fraud Office is able, subject to the Treasury’s approval, to use the end year flexibility scheme whereby previously unspent amounts are brought forward into a current financial year.

At the start of each year, the Serious Fraud Office’s Main Estimate covers expenditure for its core operations. Additional funding for the other four funding elements, as above, are then authorised through the normal Supplementary Estimates processes and can fluctuate depending on activity.

Parliamentary approval for this year’s additional resources of £14.1 million will be sought in a Spring Supplementary Estimate for the Serious Fraud Office. This includes blockbuster funding, modernisation funding and monies from end year flexibility net of asset recovery receipts. This figure has recently reduced from the £15.45 million set out in the statement of 13 January 2009 as blockbuster case costs have been reduced this year.

Pending that approval, urgent cash expenditure estimated at £10.1 million, of the £14.1 million above, being balances in respect of blockbuster cases (£5.9 million) and the transformation programme (£5.4 million), less asset recovery receipts of £1.2 million, will be met by a repayable cash advance from the Contingencies Fund.

No additional monies are being sought by the Serious Fraud Office for its core operations.”


Departmental Expenditure Limits

The Secretary of State for Transport (Mr. Geoffrey Hoon): Subject to Parliamentary approval of any necessary supplementary estimate, the Department for Transport departmental expenditure limit (DEL) for 2008-09 will be decreased by £11,270,000 from £13,239,009 to £13,227,739,000 and the administration budget will be increased by £11,200,000 from £281,926,000 to £293,126,000.

Within the DEL change, the impact on resources and capital, are set out in the following table:

12 Feb 2009 : Column 112WS
ChangeNew DEL








of which:

Administration budget





Near-cash in RDEL
























(1 )Depreciation, which forms part of resource DEL, is excluded from the total DEL, since capital DEL includes capital spending and to include depreciation of those assets would lead to double counting

Resource change: Administration (total increase of £11,200,000)

Voted: total increase of £11,250,000


Non Voted: total decrease of £50,000

Transfer of £50,000 to administration near cash voted provision.

Resource change: Programme (total increase of £462,663,000)

Voted: total increase of £101,972,000


(i) Treasury agreed increase of £462,718,000(*)( )non cash to reflect the accounting treatment of changes in fair values arising from the implementation of accounting standards FRS 25 and FRS 26 for: London and Continental railways (£300,000,000); Network Rail’s Debt Issuance Programme (£164,886,000); and the Air Travel Trust Fund (£-2,168,000); partially offset by the £462,718,000 is included in the £485,133,000 depreciation increase for the Spring Supplementary Estimate which also includes an increase of £26,215,000 for the Highways Agency partially offset by a decrease of £3,800,000 for central administration.

(ii) A net transfer of £360,691,000 to non voted provision as follows:

a. £369,383,000 near cash headroom from rail: for the net operating losses of London and Continental railways (£252,000,000); to the departmental unallocated provision in respect of programme slippage into 2009-10 (£104,928,000); and to cover a shortfall in Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency receipts (£12,455,000);

b. £4,045,000 near cash headroom from cleaner fuels and vehicles to cover a shortfall in driver and vehicle Licensing Agency receipts:

c.£500,000 near cash from other transport grants transferred to railways to allow payments to both the Rail Passenger Council and the Bus Passenger council to be administered more efficiently;

d. £2,500,000 non cash to reflect the write back of Voluntary Early retirement provision; partially offset by

12 Feb 2009 : Column 113WS

e. £15,737,000 near cash use of Consolidated Fund Extra Receipts within the Departmental Expenditure Limit by the Highways Agency.

(iii) A transfer of £55,000 near cash to the Department for Innovation Universities and Skills for Government skills

Non-Voted: total net increases of £360,691,000

(i) £360,691,000 transferred from voted provision of which £358,191,000 is near cash and £2,500,000 non cash.

Capital Change: (no net change)

Voted: total increase of £227,060,000 RfR1

(i) A net transfer of £227,060,000 from non voted provision as follows:

a. a transfer from departmental unallocated provision to Network Rail capital grants (£258,060,000); partially offset by

b. a transfer of £5,100,000 from headroom on other transport grants (£3,100,000) and aviation services, transport security and royal travel (£2,000,000) to the shared services transformation project; and

c. a transfer of £25,900,000 2012 Olympics underspend to the departmental unallocated provision for use on this programme in future years.

Non-voted: total decrease of £227,060,000

(i) A net transfer of £227,060,000 to voted provision.


Wales Office Spring Supplementary Estimate 2008-09

The Secretary of State for Wales (Mr. Paul Murphy): The Welsh Assembly Government’s Departmental Expenditure Limit will be increased by £99,949,000 from £14,256,819,000 to £14,356,768,000. The increase is a result of:

And also includes:

The transfers will be offset within the budgets of DCSF and DIUS and the take up of the end Year Flexibility will be charged to the Reserve and will not therefore add to the planned total of public expenditure. The capital reprofiling and Warm Front additions will be met by an increase in the planned total of public expenditure as announced in the 2008 PBR.

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