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9 September 2009


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Column: 15MC

Justice [9 September 2009]

Young Offenders: Injuries

Dr. Vis:

Young Offender Institutions: Per Capita Costs

Mr. Malins:

Column: 16MC

Departmental Public Opinion

Mr. Jeremy Browne:

Mr. Wills:

Column: 17MC

Column: 18MC

Column: 19MC

Column: 20MC

Prisons: Explosives

Mr. Garnier:

Young Offenders: Restraint Techniques

David Howarth:

Column: 21MC

Maria Eagle:

Column: 22MC

David Howarth:

Maria Eagle:

Column: 23MC

Column: 24MC

Column: 25MC

Column: 26MC

Column: 27MC

Column: 28MC

Column: 29MC

Column: 30MC

Work and Pensions [9 September 2009]

Departmental Public Relations

Mr. Hurd:

Jonathan Shaw:

Column: 31MC

Column: 32MC

Health [9 September 2009]

Drugs: Rehabilitation

Mr. Lancaster:

Gillian Merron:

Column: 33MC

Northern Ireland [9 September 2009]

Departmental Public Consultation

Mr. Philip Hammond:

Mr. Woodward:

Column: 34MC

Foreign and Commonwealth Office [9 September 2009]

Sri Lanka: International Assistance

Mr. Burstow:

Mr. Timms:

Column: 35MC

Mr. Timms:

Column: 36MC

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