Written Ministerial Statements

Wednesday 16 September 2009

Business, Innovation and Skills149WS
Strategy for Sustainable Construction149WS
Afghanistan (Battle Casualty Replacement)149WS
Type 45 (Support Contract)150WS
World War One Generation150WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs151WS
Local Community Flood Protection151WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office151WS
"Global Security: Afghanistan and Pakistan" (Government Response)151WS
Home Department152WS
Control Order Powers152WS
Defamation and the Internet155WS
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority157WS
Local Land Charges Register (Search Fees)157WS
Youth Justice Board156WS
Heavy Goods Vehicles (Retro-reflective Markings)158WS
Motor Insurance158WS

Written Answers

Wednesday 16 September 2009

Business, Innovation and Skills2191W
Building Colleges for the Future Programme2192W
Business: Government Assistance2192W
Corporate Hospitality2197W
Departmental Pay2198W
Employment Agencies: EU Law2198W
Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme2199W
Overseas Trade: Libya2200W
Polly Toynbee2201W
Public Sector: Procurement2202W
Regeneration: Finance2202W
Support for Business: Finance2203W
Train to Gain Programme2203W
Cabinet Office2204W
Central Office of Information: Expenditure2204W
Charities Act 20062205W
Charities: Fraud2205W
Death: Hypothermia2205W
Employment: West Sussex2206W
Government Departments: Consultants2207W
Government Departments: Standards2207W
Government Departments: Telephone Services2207W
Ministers: Visits Abroad2208W
Origin Marking: Israel2208W
Polly Toynbee2208W
Communities and Local Government2209W
Council Housing: Fire Prevention2209W
Council Housing: Waiting Lists2209W
Council Tax: Valuation2210W
Energy Performance Certificates2210W
Energy Performance Certificates: East Midlands2211W
Housing: Disabled People2211W
Housing: Low Incomes2212W
Housing: Public Participation2212W
Housing: Valuation2212W
London City Airport: Public Consultation2217W
Mortgages: Government Assistance2217W
Non-Domestic Rates: Empty Property2218W
Non-Domestic Rates: Ports2218W
Public Expenditure2219W
Culture, Media and Sport2220W
Betting: Internet2220W
English Folk Dance and Song Society2220W
Horse Racing: Betting2220W
Armed Forces: Training2221W
Armed Forces: Uniforms2221W
Guided Weapons: Testing2222W
NIDAR Radar System2222W
Nuclear Submarines2222W
Unmanned Air Vehicles2224W
Energy and Climate Change2224W
Carbon Trust: Stoke-on-Trent2224W
Energy: Housing2224W
Fuel Oil: Prices2225W
Fuel Poverty: Pensioners2225W
Nuclear Power2225W
Warm Front Scheme2225W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs2226W
Calor Gas: Canvey Island2226W
Cattle: Animal Welfare2226W
Departmental Public Expenditure2226W
Domestic Waste: Waste Disposal2227W
Flood Control: Sheerness2227W
Non-Departmental Public Bodies2228W
Origin Marking: Israel2229W
Water Charges2230W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office2230W
Afghanistan: Elections2230W
Africa: Armed Conflict2231W
British Nationality: Torture2231W
Consular Posts2232W
G20: Public Relations2232W
Lockerbie: Bombings2233W
Naheem Hussain: Rehan Zaman2234W
Sudan: Peace Negotiations2235W
Alcoholic Drinks: Prices2235W
Cancer: Prescriptions2236W
Embryos: Storage2237W
Gender Identity Disorder2238W
Health Services: Travelling People2238W
Human-Animal Hybrid Embryos2240W
Learning Disability: Supported Housing2241W
NHS: Finance2241W
Prescriptions: Fees and Charges2243W
Home Department2244W
Alcoholic Drinks: Crime2244W
Alcoholic Drinks: Unpaid Fines2245W
Departmental Billing2245W
Entry Clearances2245W
Offensive Weapons: Crime2246W
Offensive Weapons: Schools2246W
Police Act 1997/Data Protection Act 19982247W
Police Custody: Death2247W
Police: Essex2248W
Territorial Waters2248W
International Development2249W
Afghanistan: Overseas Aid2249W
Overseas Aid: Education2249W
Children: Remand in Custody2250W
Community Orders: Publicity2250W
Criminal Injuries Compensation2251W
Dangerous Dogs Act 1991: Convictions2252W
Departmental Information and Communications Technology2251W
Elections: Costs2251W
Electronic Communications2253W
Fines: Surcharges2253W
Magistrates: Diversity2259W
National Offender Management Service2260W
Prison Sentences2261W
Prisoner Escapes2262W
Prisoners: Pay2262W
Prisoners: Wales2263W
Prisons: Manpower2266W
Prisons: Violence2265W
Probation : West Yorkshire2273W
Sex Offenders2274W
Young Offender Institutions2276W
Young Offenders: Sentencing2275W
Prime Minister2275W
Diamond Jubilee 20122275W
Iraq Committee of Inquiry2276W
Israel: Prime Ministerial Discussions2276W
Information Commissioner's Operation Motorman2277W
Dartford-Thurrock Crossing: Tolls2277W
London Midland: Standards2278W
London-Peterborough Railway Line2278W
Motor Vehicles: Registration2280W
Motorway Service Areas2279W
Public Transport: Internet2280W
Speed Limits: Cameras2280W
Traffic Management Act 20042281W
Banks: Government Assistance2282W
Banks: Loans2282W
Contracts: Goldman Sachs2283W
Council Tax: Scotland2283W
Departmental Billing2283W
Holiday Homes2283W
Members: Correspondence2284W
Mobile Phones2284W
Private Finance Initiative2284W
Public Expenditure: Armed Forces2284W
Public Expenditure: Banks2284W
Royal Mail2285W
Social Security Benefit: Fraud2285W
Tax Credit2286W
Taxation: Developing Countries2286W
UK Financial Institutions2286W
UK Financial Investments: Training2287W
Valuation Office Agency2287W
Valuation Office Agency: Publications2288W
Working Capital Scheme2289W
M4: Newport Gwent2289W
Women and Equality2289W
Polly Toynbee2289W
Work and Pensions2290W
Children: Maintenance2290W
Housing Benefit2290W
Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit: Hemsworth2290W
Jobcentre Plus: Chelmsford2290W
Jobseeker's Allowance: Young People2291W
Minimum Wage: Young People2292W
Pension Credit: Morecambe2292W

Ministerial Corrections

Wednesday 16 September 2009

Absent Without Leave39MC
Nuclear Submarines40MC

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