Oral Answers

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Antisocial Behaviour (Sentencing)147
Criminal Trial Acquittals (Costs)150
Criminal Trial Acquittals (Costs)154
Debt Management150
Drug Misuse (Prisons)145
Equitable Life (North Dorset)220
Judges (Breach of Standards)149
Multi-agency Protection153
Prison Site (North Wales)141
Prisoner Release151
Prisoner Transfer Agreements155
Supreme Court (Running Costs)142
Topical Questions155
Violent Behaviour (Court Cases)147
Young Reoffenders152

Written Ministerial Statements

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Defence Advisory Forum13WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs14WS
Agriculture and Fisheries Council14WS
British Waterways Board14WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office16WS
British Indian Ocean Territory: Marine Protection16WS
Draft Antarctic Bill17WS
"The NHS Constitution: a consultation on new patients rights"17WS
London Midland Franchise18WS

Written Answers

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Business, Innovation and Skills314W
Business: Government Assistance314W
Business: Regulation315W
Charlie Whelan316W
Companies House: Standards316W
Departmental Air Travel316W
Departmental Finance317W
Departmental Information Officers317W
Departmental Internet318W
Departmental Reorganisation318W
Departmental Standards318W
Derek Draper319W
Electronic Equipment319W
Future Jobs Fund320W
Insolvency: Fees and Charges321W
Job Creation: Environment Protection321W
Learning and Skills Council: Consultants321W
Low Carbon Zones322W
Manufacturing Industries: Minerals322W
Motor Vehicles: Manufacturing Industries322W
Non-Departmental Public Bodies322W
Sanctions: Iran324W
Strategic Investment Fund324W
Technology Strategy Board: Grants324W
Cabinet Office310W
Departmental Telephone Services311W
Google Adword Online Advertising Keywords311W
Green Ministers Committee311W
Knowledge Archive Database312W
Members: Allowances312W
National School of Government: Finance313W
Personal Income314W
Children, Schools and Families340W
CAFCASS: Finance340W
Care Homes: Children341W
Children and Young Persons Act 2008341W
Children: Databases342W
Children: Day Care342W
Children: Protection343W
Children: Social Services344W
Children's Centres344W
Departmental Annual Reports345W
Departmental ICT345W
Departmental Official Hospitality345W
Departmental Pilot Schemes345W
Departmental Rail Travel346W
Dogs: Young People346W
Education: Young Offenders347W
Faith Schools: Islam347W
Family Intervention Projects347W
Home Education: Inspections348W
Home Education: Special Educational Needs348W
Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation349W
Learning and Skills Improvement Service: Finance349W
National Curriculum Tests350W
Ofsted: Disclosure of Information350W
Primary Education: Pupil Numbers351W
Schools: Discipline352W
Schools: Finance352W
Schools; Finance353W
Schools: Standards352W
Sure Start Programme354W
Teachers: Training354W
Vetting and Barring Scheme Review358W
Church Commissioners179W
Church Commissioners: Land179W
Church Commissioners: Meetings182W
Church of England: Finance182W
Church of England: Investment182W
Written Answers: Government Responses183W
Communities and Local Government266W
Coastal Areas: Housing266W
Community Development: Doncaster270W
Community Development: Finance271W
Council Housing: Finance271W
Departmental Consultants272W
Departmental Data Protection272W
Departmental ICT273W
Departmental Non-Domestic Rates273W
Departmental Travel273W
Domestic Violence: Refuges274W
Domestic Waste: Waste Disposal275W
Empty Property: Council Tax275W
Fire Services: Industrial Health and Safety276W
Homes and Communities Agency: Consultants276W
Housing Ombudsman276W
Housing: Prices277W
Housing Revenue Accounts276W
Housing: Sustainable Development277W
Housingmoves: Internet278W
Local Government: Pensions279W
Mortgages: Government Assistance279W
Non-Domestic Rates280W
Non-Domestic Rates: Aerials280W
Non-Domestic Rates: Internet281W
Non-Domestic Rates: Parking281W
Non-Domestic Rates: Valuation281W
Planning Applications Review284W
Planning Permission: Appeals285W
Planning Permission: Asbestos285W
Right to Buy Scheme286W
Social Rented Housing286W
Social Rented Housing: Standards288W
Valuation Office: Buildings288W
Wind Power: Market Harborough288W
Wind Power: Planning Permission288W
Culture, Media and Sport184W
Big Lottery Fund: Internet184W
Cultural Heritage: Internet184W
Departmental Air Travel185W
Departmental Data Protection185W
Departmental Internet185W
Departmental Postal Services186W
Departmental Rail Travel186W
Digital Switchover Help Scheme186W
Local Press186W
Afghanistan: Armed Forces219W
Afghanistan: Peacekeeping Operations220W
Air Force: Navy220W
Armed Forces: Equipment221W
Armed Forces: Housing222W
Armed Forces: Mental Health Services223W
Armed Forces: North West224W
Armed Forces: Training225W
Armoured Fighting Vehicles230W
Atomic Weapons Establishment231W
Atomic Weapons Establishment: Floods231W
Atomic Weapons Establishment: Radioactive Waste231W
AWE Aldermaston232W
AWE Burghfield232W
Departmental Postal Services233W
Departmental Visits Abroad233W
Disposal Services Agency233W
Helicopters: Afghanistan234W
Iraq Committee of Inquiry235W
Met Office235W
Military Aircraft236W
Nuclear Submarines: Decommissioning236W
Nuclear Weapons236W
Nuclear Weapons: Inspections237W
Radioactive Materials: Transport237W
Royal Gibraltar Regiment238W
SAR Chivenor238W
Somalia: Peacekeeping Operations239W
Territorial Army: Deployment239W
Territorial Army: Training239W
USA: Nuclear Weapons240W
Volunteer Reserve Force240W
Electoral Commission Committee187W
Political Parties: Finance187W
Energy and Climate Change218W
Energy: Housing218W
Natural Gas218W
Renewable Energy218W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs187W
Agriculture: Subsidies187W
Bovine Tuberculosis: Vaccination190W
Cattle: Animal Welfare189W
Dogs: Animal Welfare192W
Fish: Disease Control192W
Food Supply193W
Marine Management Organisation194W
Pollution Control194W
Reservoirs: East of England195W
Water Charges: Voluntary Organisations195W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office324W
Anti-Semitism: Poland324W
Britain-Israel Research and Academic Exchange325W
Departmental Travel325W
Iraq: Armed Conflict325W
Kosovo: Peacekeeping Operations326W
Libya: EU External Relations327W
Middle East: Peace Negotiations327W
NATO: Cybercrime328W
Zimbabwe: Politics and Government328W
Alcoholic Drinks: Health Education241W
Barnet Primary Care Trust: Dental Services242W
Cancer: Drugs242W
Colorectal Cancer: Screening243W
Dental Services: Wirral245W
Departmental Aviation245W
Doctors: Working Hours246W
Drugs: Misuse246W
Drugs: Rehabilitation247W
Genetically Modified Organisms248W
Health Education250W
Health Education: Expenditure250W
Health Services: Hertfordshire252W
Heart Disease253W
Hospitals: Crimes of Violence255W
Mentally Ill: Children255W
NHS: Disciplinary Proceedings257W
NHS: Repairs and Maintenance258W
NHS: Working Hours259W
Obesity: Children260W
Social Services: Elderly265W
Swine Flu: Greater London265W
Swine Flu: Vaccination266W
Home Department329W
Alcoholic Drinks: Crimes of Violence329W
Antisocial Behaviour Orders330W
Antisocial Behaviour Orders: Berkshire331W
Borders: Personal Records333W
British Nationality333W
British Nationality: Assessments334W
Crime Prevention: Cars334W
Departmental Manpower335W
Detention Centres: Suicide336W
Entry Clearances: Pakistan336W
Entry Clearances: Religious Persons336W
Fraud: Learning Disability337W
Illegal Immigrants337W
Immigration Controls338W
Local Government Services339W
Members: Correspondence339W
National Public Order Intelligence Unit339W
Sexual Offences340W
Theft: Motor Vehicles340W
UK Border Agency: Correspondence340W
House of Commons Commission177W
International Development206W
Departmental Energy206W
Departmental Travel207W
Sri Lanka207W
Syria: Overseas Aid207W
British Values Roadshow215W
Female Imprisonment215W
Housing: Released Prisoner215W
Human Trafficking: Proceeds of Crime216W
Legal Aid: Child Abuse Cases214W
Magistrates Courts: Haverfordwest216W
Pleural Plaques: Compensation214W
Prisoner Escapes216W
Prisoner Voting Rights215W
Prisoners: Females217W
Prisons: Freedom of Information217W
Solicitors: Overpayments214W
Vetting: Local Government218W
Northern Ireland183W
Northern Ireland Policing Board183W
Offensive Weapons183W
Parades Commission for Northern Ireland184W
Departmental Postal Services177W
Olympic Games 2012: Essex177W
Offences against Children: Internet289W
Bus Services: Concessions195W
Bus Services: EC Action196W
Bus Services: Milton Keynes196W
Crossrail Line: Finance197W
Cycling: Finance198W
Departmental Air Travel199W
Departmental Data Protection200W
Departmental Energy200W
Departmental Procurement201W
Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency: Databases201W
Driving Tests: Motorcycles202W
Fisheries: Accidents203W
Government Departments: Official Cars203W
M42: Cameras203W
Marine Accident Investigation Branch204W
Official Cars204W
Palm Oil204W
Railways: France205W
Railways: Franchises205W
Speed Limits: Cameras205W
Taxis: Disabled206W
Business: Government Assistance208W
Council Tax: Valuation209W
Departmental Rail Travel209W
Economic Policy209W
Economic Situation210W
Excise Duties: Diesel210W
Housing Benefit: Travelling People210W
Housing Revenue Account210W
Valuation Office: Training212W
Departmental Energy178W
Departmental Freedom of Information178W
Departmental Procurement178W
Departmental Travel179W
Work and Pensions289W
Benefit Rules: Care homes289W
Crisis Loans290W
Departmental Air Travel293W
Departmental Public Expenditure293W
Departmental Sick Leave294W
Departmental Visits Abroad294W
Disadvantaged: Merkinch295W
Fuel Poverty295W
Housing Benefit296W
Housing Benefit: Council Tax Benefit296W
Incapacity Benefit297W
Incapacity Benefit: Norwich297W
Industrial Diseases: Compensation298W
Industrial Injuries: Disablement Benefit299W
Jobcentre Plus: Manpower299W
Jobcentre Plus: Training300W
Jobseeker's Allowance300W
Jobseeker's Allowance: Employment Schemes301W
Jobseeker's Allowance: North West301W
Local Government Services301W
Local Housing Allowance302W
Mesothelioma: Death302W
New Deal Schemes302W
Social Security Benefits303W
Social Security Benefits: Fraud303W
Social Security Benefits: Medical Examinations304W
State Retirement Pensions305W
Unemployment Benefits305W
Vetting: Young People308W
Voluntary Work308W
Welfare to Work308W
Winter Fuel Payments: Pensioners309W
Work Experience309W
Written Questions: Government Responses310W

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