Margaret Hodge


Written material by date

Includes all written questions and statements from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

12 November 2009
Museums and Galleries: Visits
Public Libraries: Internet
11 November 2009
Avebury: Conservation
Departmental Travel
Government Art Collection: Lost Property
Public Buildings: Finance
VisitBritain: Internet
World Heritage Sites
10 November 2009
Departmental Air Travel
9 November 2009
Arts Council of England: Internet
Arts: Finance
Arts: Young People
Inbound Tourists
Library Services
National Heritage: Expenditure
Ofcom: Internet
Purton Hulks
RMS Titanic
VisitBritain: Finance
World Heritage Sites
5 November 2009
Items Accepted in Lieu of Tax [Statement]
4 November 2009
World Heritage Sites
3 November 2009
Cultural Heritage
VisitBritain: Finance
World Heritage Sites
2 November 2009
28 October 2009
Olympic Games 2012: Culture
Overseas Visitors
27 October 2009
Cultural Heritage
20 October 2009
English Heritage: Fees and Charges
Holiday Accommodation
19 October 2009
Cultural Heritage
E-Legal Deposits
Historic Buildings: Conservation
Holiday Accommodation: Taxation
Monuments: Preservation
Tourism: Costs
Tourism: Marketing
14 October 2009
Churches: Finance
Publications: Sight Impaired
12 October 2009
Coastal Areas: Finance
Conservation Areas: Waste Disposal
Monuments: Preservation