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Gwynne, Andrew


    Antisocial behaviour, Greater Manchester 312-3w

    Apprentices, Public sector 977w

    Carer's allowance, Greater Manchester 159w

    Children's play, Greater Manchester 393w

    Community policing, Greater Manchester 321w

    Council housing, Stockport 17w

    Council housing, Waiting lists 200w

    Council tax benefits, Greater Manchester 1022w

    Derelict land, Greater Manchester 200w

    Employment schemes, Older workers 43-4w

    Fuel poverty, North West 616-7w

    Higher education, Tameside 692-3w

    Israel, EC external relations 453w

    Local government, Urban areas 651-2w

    National Lottery, Greater Manchester 1174w

    Parks, Greater Manchester 371w

    Pension credit, Greater Manchester 450w

    Police, Greater Manchester 609w

    Pupils, Bullying 234w

    Railway stations, Stockport 176w

    Roads, Accidents 15w

    Schools, Repairs and maintenance 237w

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