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    see Females

Woodward, Rt Hon Shaun, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

                  Written Statements

    Consultative Group on the Past 64ws


    Location, Northern Ireland Office 948-9w

    Ministerial policy advisers, Northern Ireland Office 322w

    Official hospitality, Northern Ireland Office 1207w

    Press, Northern Ireland Office 1207-8w

Woolas, Phil, Minister of State and Minister for the North West, Treasury and Home Office

                  Written Statements

    Asylum, Palestinians 3ws


    Civil Nuclear Constabulary, Pay 185w

    Climate change, Home Office 30-1w

    Deportation, Children 32-3w

    Deportation, Democratic Republic of Congo 30w

    Detention centres 189w

    Drinking water, Home Office 31w

    Entry clearances, Ministers of religion 189-90w

    Entry clearances, Sports 190w

    Exclusion orders, USA 321w

    Foreign workers, Doctors 36w

    Genocide, Rwanda 804w

    Information and communications technology, Home Office 31-2w

    Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner 805-6w

    Older workers, Home Office 188w

    Passports, Lost property 806w

    Security, Home Office 313w

    62 South Eaton Place 31w

    UK Border Agency, Consultants 460-2w

    UK Border Agency, Correspondence 198w

    UK Border Agency, Manpower 41w

    UK Border Agency, Telephone services 198-9w


Work and Families (Increase of Maximum Amount) Order 2009

                  Chamber Debates

    (17.06.2009) 384

Work experience

    Dept for Culture, Media and Sport 1052w

    Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 88w

    Dept for International Development 777-8w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 966w

    Ministry of Justice 733w

Working Age Agency

    see Jobcentre Plus

Working hours

Working tax credit

World Environment Day

World Heritage sites

    Planning permission 25w

World Oceans Day

World War II

    Anniversaries 6w

Wright, Iain, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for Children, Schools and Families


    Apprentices, Essex 985w

    Children, Day care 9-11

    Education maintenance allowance 134w

    Further education, Essex 990w

    Schools, Playing fields 128-9w

    Schools, Vocational guidance 130w

Wright, Tony

                  Chamber Debates

Written questions

Wyatt, Derek

                  Chamber Debates

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