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Session 2008-09
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[No. 10 ]

Thursday 18 December 2008

The house met at 10.30 am.


1 Questions to the Chancellor of the Exchequer

2 Statement: Iraq (The Prime Minister)

3 Business Statement (Leader of the House)

4 Policing and Crime Bill: Presentation (Standing Order No. 57)

Secretary Jacqui Smith, supported by the Prime Minister, Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer, Secretary Jack Straw, Secretary Alan Johnson, Secretary Geoff Hoon, Secretary Ed Balls, Secretary Andy Burnham, Jim Fitzpatrick and Mr Vernon Coaker presented a Bill to make provision about the police; to make provision about prostitution, sex offenders, sex establishments and certain other premises; to make provision for reducing and dealing with the abuse of alcohol; to make provision about the proceeds of crime; to make provision about extradition; to amend the Aviation Security Act 1982; to make provision about criminal records and to amend the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006; to confer, extend or facilitate search, forfeiture and other powers relating to the United Kingdom's borders or elsewhere; to make further provision for combating crime and disorder; to repeal redundant provisions; and for connected purposes.

Bill read the first time; to be read a second time on Monday 12 January and to be printed (Bill 7) with Explanatory Notes (Bill 7^EN).

5 Adjournment (Matters to be considered before the forthcoming Adjournment)

Motion made and Question proposed, That this House do now adjourn._(Chris Mole.)

6 Royal Assent

The Deputy Speaker reported that the Queen had signified Royal Assent to the following Act under the Royal Assent Act 1967:

Consolidated Fund Act 2008.

7 Adjournment (Matters to be considered before the forthcoming Adjournment)

Question again proposed, That this House do now adjourn.

At 6.00 pm the Motion lapsed (Standing Order No. 9(3)).

8 Public Petitions

A Public Petition from the Malayalee community of Southend-on-Sea, Essex, relating to immigration and citizenship was presented and read by Mr David Amess.

A Public Petition from driving instructors and their pupils, local to Brighton and Hove driving test centres, relating to learner drivers (Brighton and Hove) was presented by Ms Celia Barlow.

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9 Adjournment

Subject: Sri Lanka (Mr Andrew Pelling).

Resolved, That this House do now adjourn._(Ian Lucas.)

[Adjourned at 6.31 pm until Monday 12 January (Order, 17 December). ]

Other proceedings

Standing Orders

10 Standing Orders (Public Business)

Ordered, That the Standing Orders relating to Public Business be printed (HC 2).

Lords Messages

11 Consolidated Fund Bill

The Lords agree to the Consolidated Fund Bill, without Amendment.

Private Business

12 Private Bill Petitions: Report from Examiners (Standing Order 70 relating to Private Business)

Report from the Examiners of Petitions for Private Bills laid upon the Table by the Speaker, That, in the case of the Petitions for the following Bills, the Standing Orders have been complied with:

Beverley Freemen Bill

City of Westminster Bill.

13 Private Bills (Standing Order 81 relating to Private Business)

The Chairman of Ways and Means reported, That the following Bills should originate in the House of Lords:

Beverley Freemen Bill.

City of Westminster Bill.

Reports from Other Committees

14 Public Accounts Commission

Review of the National Audit Office's corporate governance: Written evidence, to be published (Mr Alan Williams).

[WH, No. 3]  

Sitting in Westminster Hall

The sitting began at 2.30 pm.

Subject: Human Rights Annual Report_Ninth Report from the Foreign Affairs Committee, Session 2007^08, and the Government Response.

Resolved, That the sitting be now adjourned._(Helen Goodman.)

[Adjourned at 5.28 pm until Tuesday 13 January. ]

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Papers presented or laid upon the Table:

Papers subject to Negative Resolution:

1 Food

Spirit Drinks Regulations 2008 (S.I., 2008, No. 3206), dated 15 December 2008 (by Act), with an Explanatory Memorandum and an Impact Assessment (by Command) (Secretary Hilary Benn).

2 Magistrates' Courts

Fines Collection (Disclosure of Information) (Prescribed Benefits) Regulations 2008 (S.I., 2008, No. 3242), dated 16 December 2008 (by Act), with an Explanatory Memorandum (by Command) (Secretary Jack Straw).

Other Papers:

3 Companies

Report of the Professional Oversight Board for 2007^08 (by Act); to be printed (HC 81) (Mr Pat McFadden).

4 Energy

Energy Markets Outlook Report (by Act); to be printed (HC 91) (Secretary Edward Miliband).

5 Government Resources and Accounts

Accounts of the Royal Air Force Museum for 2007^08, with the Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General (by Statutory Instrument); to be printed (HC 110) (Clerk of the House).

6 HM Revenue and Customs

HM Revenue and Customs: Autumn Performance Report for 2008 (by Command) (Cm. 7509) (Stephen Timms).

7 Justice

Government Response to the Sixth Report from the Justice Committee, Session 2007^08, on Public Appointments: Lord Lieutenants and High Sheriffs (by Command) (Cm. 7503) (Secretary Jack Straw).

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