Commons Journal 265

Session 2008-09
Chronological Index
Alphabetical Index - Part II

Ecclesiastical Law

Orders: 2009: Ecclesiastical Judges, Legal Officers and Others (Fees), 598; Legal Officers (Annual Fees), 598; Parochial Fees, 598.

Regulations: 2009: Church of England Pensions (Amendment), 597; Ecclesiastical Offices (Terms of Service), 598.

Church Representation Rules (Amendment) Resolution 2009, 598.

Economic and Fiscal Strategy Report and Financial Statement and Budget Report

Economic and Fiscal Strategy Report and Financial Statement and Budget Report, April 2009, entitled Building Britain's Future, 294.


Orders: 2008: Leeds City College (Incorporation), 12.

Orders: 2009: Education (Free School Lunches) (Child Tax Credit) (Wolverhampton City Council), 601; Education (Free School Lunches) (Working Tax Credit) (England), 280; Education (School Teachers' Pay and Conditions), 598; Enfield College (Dissolution), 465; Matthew Boulton College of Further and Higher Education, Birmingham (Dissolution), 480; Merton College, Morden (Dissolution), 465; Monkseaton Community High School (Governing Body Procedures) (Amendment), 226; Park Lane College, Leeds, Leeds Thomas Danby College, and Leeds Technology College (Dissolution), 205; School Teachers' Incentive Payments (England), 596.

Regulations: 2008: Education (Admissions Appeals Arrangements) (England) (Amendment), 24; Education (Independent School Standards) (England) (Amendment), 50; Education (Information About Individual Pupils) (England) (Amendment), 7; Education (School and Local Education Authority Performance Targets) (England) (Amendment), 12; Education (Student Support) (European Institutions) (Amendment) (No. 2), 4; General Teaching Council for England (Disciplinary Functions) (Amendment), 50; Leeds City College (Government), 12; School Admissions (Admission Arrangements) (England), 21; School Admissions (Co-ordination of Admission Arrangements) (England), 24; School Admissions (Local Authority Reports and Admission Forums) (England), 24; School Information (England), 24;

Regulations: 2009: Adult Skills (Specified Qualifications), 510; Education (Admissions Appeals Arrangements) (England) (Amendment), 68; Education (Areas to which Pupils and Students Belong) (Amendment) (England), 389; Education (Assisted Places) (Amendment) (England), 487; Education (Assisted Places) (Incidental Expenses) (Amendment) (England), 487; Education (Budget Statements) (England) (Amendment), 198; Education (Independent Educational Provision in England) (Inspection Fees), 505; Education (Independent Educational Provision in England) (Unsuitable Persons), 505; Education (Individual Pupil Information) (Prescribed Persons) (Amendment) (England), 148; Education (Individual Pupil Information) (Prescribed Persons) (England), 487; Education (Miscellaneous Amendments relating to Safeguarding Children) (England), 695; Education (Outturn Statements) (England), 501; Education (School and Local Education Authority Performance Targets) (England) (Amendment), 505; Education (School Inspection) (England) (Amendment), 487; Education (School Performance Information) (England) (Amendment), 241; Education (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators) (England) (Amendment), 433; Education (Student Loans) (Repayment), 218; Education (Student Support) (European Institutions) (Amendment), 497; Education (Student Support) Regulations 2008 (Amendment), 280; Education (Student Support), 497; Education (Supply of Information about the School Workforce) (No. 2) (England) (Amendment), 601; Further Education (Principals' Qualifications) (England) (Amendment), 205; Further Education (Principals' Qualifications) (England) (Amendment) (No.2), 596; School Admissions (Admission Arrangements) (England) (Amendment), 344; School Organisation and Governance (Amendment) (England), 487; School Staffing (England), 613.

Report and Accounts for 2008-09 of: the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, 488; the Training and Development Agency for Schools, 532.

Report of Powers to Facilitate Innovation for the Academic Year ending 31 July 2008, 168.

Report prepared pursuant to section 38(2) of the Education Act 2002 for the academic year 2007-08, 564.


Draft Orders: 2009: Electricity and Gas (Carbon Emissions Reduction) (Amendment), 497; Electricity and Gas (Community Energy Saving Programme), 497 [withdrawn, 502, andrelaid,501]; Renewables Obligation, 143.

Orders: 2009: Civil Jurisdiction (Application to Offshore Renewable Energy Installations etc.), 556; Criminal Jurisdiction (Application to Offshore Renewable Energy Installations etc.),556; Electricity (Exemption from the Requirement for a Generation Licence) (Rhyl Flats) (England and Wales), 502; Electricity (Exemption from the Requirement for a Generation Licence) (Lynn and Inner Dowsing) (England and Wales), 602; Electricity and Gas Appeals (Designation and Exclusion), 221.

Regulations: 2009: Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity (Amendment), 221; Overhead Lines (Exemption) (England and Wales), 221.

Electronic Communications

Draft Regulations: 2009: Data Retention (EC Directive), 143.

Orders: 2009: Welsh Authority (Digital Switchover), 575.

Regulations: 2009: 5875-5905 MHz Frequency Band (Management), 51; Audiovisual Media Services, 712; Communications (Television Licensing) (Amendment), 198; Electronic Communications Code (Conditions and Restrictions) (Amendment), 214; Mobile Roaming (European Communities) (Amendment), 487.


Rules: 2009: Gangmasters (Licensing Conditions), 150.

Draft Orders: 2009: Work and Families (Increase of Maximum Amount), 401.

Employment and Training

Draft Orders: 2009: Industrial Training Levy (Construction Industry Training Board), 88; Industrial Training Levy (Engineering Construction Industry Training Board), 88.

Employment Tribunals

Draft Orders: 2009: Employment Tribunals Act 1996 (Tribunal Composition), 100.

Regulations: 2008: Employment Tribunals (Constitution and Rules of Procedure) (Amendment), 42.


Orders: 2009: Energy Act 2008 (Consequential Amendments), 205.

Draft Modifications to the Standard Conditions of Electricity and Gas Supply Licences, 143.

Energy Markets Outlook Report, 46.

Report and Accounts for 2008-09 of: the Civil Nuclear Police Authority, 547; the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, 577.

Statement of the Nuclear Decommissioning Funding Account for 2007-08, 43.

Energy and Climate Change

The Road to Copenhagen: the UK Government's case for an ambitious international agreement on climate change, 476.

Energy Conservation

Regulations: 2009: Ecodesign for Energy-Using Products (Amendment), 608; Energy Information (Miscellaneous Amendments), 609.

Home Energy Efficiency Scheme (England) (Amendment), 531.


Account of Competition Appeal Tribunal and Competition Service for 2008-09, 577.

Plan of the Office of Fair Trading for 2009-10, 260.

Report and Accounts of the Competition Commission for 2008-09, 532.

Report and Resource Accounts of the Office of Fair Trading for 2008-09, 577.


Report and Accounts of Environment Agency for 2008-09, 577.

Report and Financial Statements for 2008-09 of: Environment Agency Active Pension Fund, 577; Environment Agency Closed Pension Fund, 577.

Statutory Guidance to the Environment Agency concerning the regulation of radioactive discharges into the environment, 577.

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Draft Flood and Water Management Bill, 288.

Government Response to the Foot and Mouth Disease 2007 Review, 119.

Government Response to the Report of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution on Novel Materials in the Environment: The Case of Nanotechnology, 394.

Government Response to the Third Report from the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, Session 2008-09 on Energy efficiency and fuel poverty, 613.

Environmental Audit

Government Response to the Ninth Report from the Environmental Audit Committee, Session 2007-08 on Carbon Capture and Storage, 600.

Environmental Protection

Draft Regulations: 2009: Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) (Amendment), 362; Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) (Amendment) (No. 2), 673; Groundwater (England and Wales), 433.

Orders: 2008: Financial Assistance for Environmental Purposes (England and Wales), 49.

Orders: 2009: Financial Assistance for Environmental Purposes (England and Wales), 449; Highway Litter Clearance and Cleaning (Transfer of Responsibility) (England), 612.

Regulations: 2009: Environmental Damage (Prevention and Remediation), 112; Environmental Noise (England) (Amendment), 506; Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases, 145; Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) (Amendment), 205; Joint Waste Authorities (Proposals), 106; Marine Works (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Amendment) (England and Wales), 600; Ozone-Depleting Substances (Qualifications), 143; Packaging (Essential Requirements) (Amendment), 447; Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Amendment), 214; Waste Batteries and Accumulators, 282; Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Amendment), 705.


Report and Accounts of Equality and Human Rights Commission for 16 April 2006 to 31 March 2008, 577.

Strategic Plan of the Equality and Human Rights Commission for 2009-12, 564.

Equitable Life

Government Response to the Report of the Parliamentary Ombudsman's Investigation on the Prudential Regulation of the Equitable Life Assurance Society, 64.

European Communities

Draft Orders: 2008: European Communities (Definition of Treaties) (Agreements concluded under Article XXI GATS), 7.

Draft Orders: 2009: European Communities (Definition of Treaties) (1996 Hague Convention on Protection of Children etc.), 715; European Communities (Definition of Treaties) (Cariforum Economic Partnership Agreement), 390 [explanatory memorandum withdrawn and relaid, 402]; European Communities (Definition of Treaties) (Maritime Labour Convention), 275 [withdrawn, 327, andrelaid,328]; European Communities (Definition of Treaties) (Stabilisation and Association Agreement) (Republic of Montenegro), 653; European Communities (Definition of Treaties) (United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities), 238.

Orders: 2008: European Communities (Designation) (No. 4), 42.

Orders: 2009: European Communities (Designation), 149; European Communities (Designation) (No. 2), 258; European Communities (Designation) (No. 3), 444 [withdrawn, 453, andrelaid, 452].; European Communities (Designation) (No. 4), 656

Regulations: 2009: European Economic Interest Grouping (Amendment), 603; European Public Limited-Liability Company (Employee Involvement) (Great Britain), 606; European Public Limited-Liability Company (Employee Involvement) (Northern Ireland), 606; Financial Transparency (EC Directive), 601.

2009: 1. Stabilisation and Association Agreement, done at Luxembourg on 15 October 2007, between the European Communities and their Member States, of the one part, and the Republic of Montenegro, of the other part, 180.

2009: 2. Agreement, done at Brussels on 17 November 2003, between the Member States of the European Union concerning the status of military and civilian staff seconded to the institutions of the European Union, of the headquarters and forces which may be made available to the European Union in the context of the preparation and execution of tasks referred to in Article 17 (2) of the Treaty on European Union, including exercises, and of the military and civilian staff of the Member States put at the disposal of the European Union to act in this context (EU SOFA), 238.

2009: 3. Economic Partnership Agreement, done at Brussels on 28 October 2008, between the Cariforum States, of the one part and the European Community and its Member States, of the other part, 389.

European Community Finances

Statement on the 2009 EC Budget and measures to counter fraud and financial mismanagement, 577.

European Parliament

Regulations: 2009: European Parliament (Pay and Pensions), 444.

European Union

Government Responses to: the Fourth Report from the House of Lords European Union Committee, Session 2008-09, on Healthcare across EU borders: a safe framework, 283; the Nineteenth Report from the House of Lords European Union Committee, Session 2008-09 on Money Laundering and the financing of terrorism, 612.

Prospects for the European Union in 2009: The Czech Presidency, January to June 2009, 100; The Swedish Presidency, July to December 2009, 595.

Exchange Equalisation Account

Report and Accounts of Exchange Equalisation Account for 2008-09, 577.


Order: 2009: Air Passenger Duty (Rate) (Qualifying Territories) (Variation of Description), 123.

Regulations: 2009: Aircraft Operators (Accounts and Records) (Amendment), 594; Air Passenger Duty (Amendment), 593; Excise Goods (Drawback) (Amendment), 293; Gaming Duty (Amendment), 594.


Explosives (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2008, 50.

Export Control

Export of Objects of Cultural Interest 2007-08, 13.


Order: 2009: Extradition Act 2003 (Specification of Category 1 Territories), 635.

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