Commons Journal 265

Session 2008-09
Chronological Index
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Report and Accounts of Gambling Commission for 2008-09, 558 [withdrawn, 646, andrelaid,682]..

Gangmasters (Licensing)

Report and Accounts of Gangmasters Licensing Authority for 2008-09, 565.

Third Report on the Operation of the Gangmasters (Licensing) Act 2004, 68.


Orders: 2009: Counter-Terrorism Act 2008 (Designation of a Gas Transporter), 599; Gas Importation and Storage Zone (Designation of Area), 149.

Regulations: 2009: Gas and Electricity (Dispute Resolution), 401; Offshore Gas Storage and Unloading (Licensing), 656.

Gender Recognition

Order: 2009: Gender Recognition (Application Fees) (Amendment), 193.

General and Specialist Medical Practice

Report and Accounts of Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board: for 2006-07, 180; for 2007-08, 180; for 2008-09, 558.

Government Annuities

Account of the Government Annuities Investment Fund for 2008, 653.

Government Resources and Accounts

Draft Order: 2009: Government Resources and Accounts Act 2000 (Audit of Non-profit-making Companies), 100.

Accounts for 2007-08 of: the Royal Air Force Museum, 46.

Accounts for 2008-09 of: the Fleet Air Arm Museum, 577; the Royal Navy Submarine Museum, 577; HM Revenue and Customs, 577; the Royal Marines Museum, 578; the Royal Naval Museum, 578.

Accounts of the Scottish Devolution Referendum for 2007-08: Returning Officers' Expenses and Counting Officers' Expenses, 55.

Accounts of the Scottish Parliament Election for 2007-08: Returning Officers' Expenses, 55.

Combined Resource Accounts of United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority Pension Schemes for 2008-09, 577.

Election Accounts of the UK and European Parliamentary Elections for 2007-08: Returning Officers' Expenses, 55.

Financial Statement of Security and Intelligence Agencies for 2008-09, 565.

Report and Accounts for 1 April 2007 to 30 September 2007 of: the Commission for Racial Equality, 375; the Disability Rights Commission, 488.

Report and Accounts for 2007-08 of: Community Development Foundation, 16; Sir John Soane's Museum, 64 [withdrawnandrelaid, 143]..

Report and Accounts for 2008-09 of: animalhealth, 547; Caversham Lakes Trust Limited, 511; Commission for the Compact, 412; Criminal Records Bureau, 558; Defence Storage and Distribution Agency, 565; Defence Vetting Agency, 558; Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, 578; Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, 587; Football Licensing Authority, 565; Forensic Science Northern Ireland, 558; Government Car and Despatch Agency, 565; HM Treasury, 578; Home Office, 587; Housing Corporation, 578; Identity and Passport Service, 565; Jobcentre Plus, 578; Maritime and Coastguard Agency, 565; Ministry of Defence Police and Guarding Agency, 565; Ministry of Defence, 578; Ministry of Justice, 587; National College for School Leadership, 578; National Offender Management Service, 587; National Savings and Investments, 558; National Weights and Measures Laboratory, 558; NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency, 558; Office of the Public Guardian, 558; People, Pay and Pensions Agency, 565; Phoenix Sports Limited, 511; Rural Payments Agency, 587; Service Children's Education, 716; Service Personnel and Veterans Agency, 565; the Central Science Laboratory, 472; the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas), 532 [withdrawn, 589, andrelaid,587]; the Compensation Agency, 565; the Design Council, 565; the Highways Agency, 565; the Insolvency Service, 578; the Marine and Fisheries Agency, 488; the Meat Hygiene Service, 488; the Pension, Disability and Carers Service, 578; the Pensions Advisory Service, 614; the Planning Inspectorate, 547; the Rent Service, 565; the Royal Parks, 565; the Treasury Solicitor's Department, 547; the UK Government Decontamination Service for 2008-09, 502; the United Kingdom Debt Management Office and Debt Management Account, 539; the Veterinary Laboratories Agency for 2008-09, 497; the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, 476; the Youth Justice Agency of Northern Ireland, 533; Tribunals Service, 565; Valuation Office Agency, 565; Vehicle Certification Agency, 565; West Northamptonshire Development Corporation, 565; Wilton Park, 558.

Report and Accounts of the British Hallmarking Council for 2008, 390.

Report and Consolidated Resource Accounts of the Food Standards Agency for 2008-09, 527.

Report and Resource Accounts for 2007-08 of: the Judicial Pensions Scheme, 84.

Report and Resource Accounts for 2008-09 of: Cabinet Office, 565; Department for Revenue and Customs Prosecution Office, 578; Department of Energy and Climate Change 578; House of Commons: Members and Report of the Audit Committee, 578; Northern Ireland Court Service, 558; the Crown Prosecution Service, 533; the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, 565; the Department for Transport, 565; the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 488; the Forestry Commission Great Britain/England, 566; the Government Actuary's Department for 2008-09, 502; the Government Equalities Office, 566; the National Archives, 566; the National Fraud Strategic Authority, 547; the National School of Government, 527; the Office of Rail Regulation, 390; UK Statistics Authority, 566; UK Trade and Investment, 578.

Report of the Commission for Racial Equality for 2006 with Accounts for 2006-07, 375.

Report of the Financial Reporting Advisory Board for 2008-09, 488.

Resource Accounts for 2007-08 of: the Armed Forces Pension Scheme, 43; the Cabinet Office: Civil Superannuation, 88; the NHS Pension Scheme and NHS Compensation for Premature Retirement Scheme, 100; the Teachers' Pensions Scheme (England and Wales), 84.

Resource Accounts for 2008-09 of: Armed Forces Pension Scheme, 578; Cabinet Office: Civil Superannuation, 578; Central Office of Information, 578; Department for Work and Pensions, 578; HM Procurator General and Treasury Solicitor, 547; Judicial Pensions Scheme, 578; NHS Pension Scheme and NHS Compensation for Premature Retirement Scheme, 578; Northern Ireland Office, 558; the Crown Estate, 558; Postal Services Commission, 566; Teachers' Pension Scheme (England and Wales), 547; the Charity Commission, 517; the Department for Children, Schools and Families, 533; the Department for Communities and Local Government, 547; the Department for Health, 547; the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills, 566; the Department for International Development Overseas Superannuation, 558; the Food Standards Agency, 527; the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills, 449; the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, 327; the Serious Fraud Office, 547; Water Services Regulation Authority, 566.

Review and Resource Accounts of the Export Credits Guarantee Department for 2008-09, 539.

Statement of Accounts of Returning Officers' Expenses, England and Wales for 2007-08, 108.

Treasury Minutes: dated 12 February 2009, directing the application of certain amounts as appropriations in aid of the Spring Supplementary Estimates Part I for the year ending 31 March 2009, 146; dated 12 February 2009, directing the application of certain amounts as appropriations in aid of the Spring Supplementary Estimates and New Estimate Part II for the year ending 31 March 2009, 146; dated 23 February 2009, directing the application of certain amounts as appropriations in aid of the Estimates for the year ending 31 March 2009, 151; dated 18 June 2009, directing the application of certain amounts as appropriations in aid of the Estimates for the year ending 31 March 2010, 447.

Whole of Government Accounts (Designation of Bodies) Order 2009, 586.

Government Resources and Accounts (Audit of Non-profit-making companies)

Financial Statements of Working Ventures UK for 2008-09, 578.

Report and Accounts for 2008-09 of: Capacity Builders (UK) Limited, 533; the Great Britain China Centre, 588; Investors in People, 620; the Sports Council Trust Company, 566; the Westminster Foundation for Democracy Limited, 588.

Report and Financial Statements for 2008-09 of: Northwest Business Link, 578; British Educational Communications and Technology Agency, 620.

Report, Review and Accounts of Children's Workforce Development Council for 2008-09, 578.

Government Resources and Accounts (Audit of Public Bodies)

Accounts of the Royal Air Force Museum for 2008-09, 579.

Report and Accounts of Independent Living Fund (2006)for 2008-09, 579.

Government Resources and Accounts (Companies)

Report and Accounts of the National Forest Company for 2008-09, 547.

Government Trading Funds

Draft Order: 2009: Companies House Trading Fund (Amendment), 344.

Orders: 2009: Buying Agency Trading Fund (Amendment), 221; Driving Standards Agency Trading Fund (Maximum Borrowing etc.), 193; FCO Services Trading Fund (Variation), 412.

Consultation Report on Government proposal to amend Companies House Trading Fund, 345.

Report and Accounts for 2008-09 of: Buying Solutions, 511; Central Office of Information, 579; Companies House, 566; Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, 539; Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, 566; Driving Standards Agency, 566; FCO Services, 533; Ordnance Survey, 527; the Defence Support Group, 517; the Fire Service College, 579 [withdrawnandrelaid, 615]; the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, 488; the Met Office, 429; the Patent Office, 566; the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, 413; the Royal Mint, 447; the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, 429; Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, 566.

Treasury Minutes: dated 5 May 2009, concerning the Defence Science and Laboratory Trading Fund, 337; dated 5 May 2009, concerning the Meteorological Office Trading Fund, 337; dated 5 May 2009, concerning the UK Hydrographic Office Trading Fund, 338; dated 23rd June 2009, relating to the Patent Office Trading Fund, 458; dated 21 July 2009, concerning Companies House Trading Fund, 588; dated 12 October 2009, concerning the Fire Service College Trading Fund, 615.

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