Commons Journal 265

Session 2008-09
Chronological Index
Alphabetical Index - Part II

Identity Cards

Draft Orders: 2009: Identity Cards Act 2006 (Designation), 342 [withdrawn, 489]; Identity Cards Act 2006 (Information and Code of Practice on Penalties), 342.

Draft Regulations: 2009: Identity Cards Act 2006 (Application and Issue of ID Card and Notification of Changes), 412; Identity Cards Act 2006 (Fees), 342; Identity Cards Act 2006 (Prescribed Information), 412; Identity Cards Act 2006 (Provision of Information without Consent), 342.

Regulations: 2009: Identity Cards Act 2006 (Civil Penalties), 610; Identity Cards Act 2006 (Entitlement to be Registered), 610; Identity Cards Act 2006 (National Identity Registration Number), 610; Identity Cards Act 2006 (Provision of Information with Consent), 610.

Draft Code of Practice on Civil Penalties 2009, 342.

National Identity Service Cost Reports 2009: May, 342, October, 661.


Draft Orders: 2009: Immigration and Nationality (Fees) (Amendment), 83.

Draft Regulations: 2009: Immigration and Nationality (Fees), 145; Immigration (Biometric Registration) (Amendment), 130; Immigration (Biometric Registration) (Amendment No. 2), 681.

Orders: 2008: UK Borders Act 2007 (Code of Practice on Children), 28.

Orders: 2009: Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 (Part V Exemption: Licensed Sponsors Tiers 2 and 4), 198; Immigration (Passenger Transit Visa) (Amendment), 130; Immigration (Passenger Transit Visa) (Amendment) (No. 2), 298; Immigration (Passenger Transit Visa) (Amendment) (No. 3), 366; Immigration (Passenger Transit Visa) (Amendment) (No. 4), 370; Immigration (Restrictions on Employment) (Amendment), 68; Immigration Services Commissioner (Designated Professional Body) (Fees), 190.

Regulations: 2009: Accession (Immigration and Worker Registration) (Amendment), 280; Accession (Worker Authorisation and Worker Registration) (Amendment), 605; Asylum Support (Amendment), 221; Asylum Support (Amendment) (Revocation), 221; Asylum Support (Amendment) (No. 2), 421; Immigration (European Economic Area) (Amendment), 337; Immigration and Nationality (Cost Recovery Fees), 205; UK Border Agency (Complaints and Misconduct), 597.

Explanatory Memorandum to the Immigration (Designation of Travel Bans) (Amendment) Order 2008 (order laid in the previous session),withdrawn andrelaid, 4.

Statements of Changes in Immigration Rules: 130, 198, 298, 605, 609.

Immigration and Asylum

Report and Accounts of the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner, 527.

Income and Corporation Taxes

Treasury Minute, dated 22nd June 2009, amending the Treasury General Consents 1988, 458.

Income Tax

Draft Orders: 2009: Enactment of Extra-Statutory Concessions, 136; Enactment of Extra-Statutory Concessions (No. 2), 711.

Draft Regulations: 2009: Offshore Funds (Tax), 620; Saving Gateway Accounts (No. 2), 516; Tax Credits (Excluded Companies), 630 [withdrawnandrelaid,639]..

Orders: 2009: Alternative Finance Arrangements (Amendment), 609; Authorised Investment Funds (Tax) (Amendment No. 2), 599; Authorised Investment Funds (Tax) (Amendment), 594; Capital Allowances (Energy-saving Plant and Machinery) (Amendment), 546; Capital Allowances (Environmentally Beneficial Plant and Machinery) (Amendment), 546; Employer-Financed Retirement Benefits (Excluded Benefits for Tax Purposes) (Amendment), 673; General Insurers' Technical Provisions (Appropriate Amount) (Tax), 575; Income and Corporation Taxes (Electronic Certificates of Deduction of Tax and Tax Credit) (Amendment), 594; Income Tax (Construction Industry Scheme) (Amendment), 594; Income Tax (Exemption of Minor Benefits) (Revocation), 226; Income Tax (Manufactured Overseas Dividends) (Amendment), 653; Income Tax (Pay As You Earn) (Amendment), 214; Income Tax (Pay As You Earn) (Amendment No. 2), 594; Income Tax (Qualifying Child Care), 458; Income Tax (Qualifying Child Care) (No. 2), 681; Income Tax Act 2007 (Amendment), 55; Income Tax Act 2007 (Amendment) (No. 2), 666; Individual Savings Account (Amendment), 465; Individual Savings Account (Amendment No. 2), 587; Investment Trusts (Dividends) (Optional Treatment as Interest Distributions), 594; Lloyd's Underwriters (Tax) (Amendment), 673; Manufactured Interest (Tax) (Amendment), 653; Pension Schemes (Reduction in Pension Rates) (Amendment), 389; Pensions Schemes (Application of UK Provisions to Relevant Non-UK Schemes) (Amendment), 594; Registered Pension Schemes (Authorised Payments), 347.

Regulations: 2008: Authorised Investment Funds (Tax) (Amendment No. 3), 24.

Regulations: 2009: Special Annual Allowance Charge (Application to Members of Currently-Relieved Non-UK Pension Schemes), 593; Substantial Donor Transactions (Variation of Threshold Limits), 293; Taxation of Pension Schemes (Transitional Provisions) (Amendment), 347; Taxation of Pension Schemes (Transitional Provisions) (Amendment No. 2), 587; Taxes (Interest Rate) (Amendment), 125.

Independent Review of Home Education

Return to an Address to Her Majesty for a Return of the Report, dated 11 June 2009, of the Independent Review of Home Education, 422.

Industrial Development

Draft Orders: 2009: Financial Assistance for Industry (Increase of Limit), 118; Financial Assistance For Industry (Increase of Limit) (No. 2), 275; Financial Assistance For Industry (Increase of Limit) (No. 3), 275.

Report by the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, the First Minister of Scotland and the First Minister of Wales under the Industrial Development Act 1982, 472.

Industrial Organisation and Development

Account of Wool Textile Industrial (Wool Levy) for 2008-09, 579.

Industrial Training

Report and Accounts for 2008 of: CITB-ConstructionSkills, 283; Engineering Construction Industry Training Board, 465.

Infrastructure Planning

Regulations: 2009: Infrastructure Planning (Applications: Prescribed Forms and Procedure), 604; Infrastructure Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment), 604; Infrastructure Planning (National Policy Statement Consultation), 389.

Orders: 2009: Infrastructure Planning (Model Provisions) (England and Wales), 604.

Innovation, Universities and Skills

The Learning Revolution: a White Paper on Informal Adult Learning, 248.


The ICL Inquiry Report: Explosion at Grovepark Mills, Maryhill, Glasgow, 11 May 2004, 566.


Orders: 2009: Insolvency Practitioners and Insolvency Services Account (Fees) (Amendment), 194; Insolvency Proceedings (Fees) (Amendment), 221; Insolvency Proceedings (Monetary Limits) (Amendment), 190.

Regulations: 2009: Debt Relief Orders (Designation of Competent Authorities), 187; Debt Relief Orders (Designation of Competent Authorities) (Amendment), 472; Insolvency (Amendment), 193.

Rules: 2009: Companies (Unfair Prejudice Applications) Proceedings, 605; Insolvency (Amendment), 221; Insolvency (Amendment) (No. 2), 606; Insolvency (Scotland) Amendment, 221; Insolvency (Scotland) Amendment (No. 2), 602; Water Industry (Special Administration), 607.

Accounts of Insolvency Services for 2008-09, 579.

Insurance Premium Tax

Orders: 2009: Insurance Premium Tax (Amendment of Schedule 6A to the Finance Act 1994), 136.

Intellectual Property

Regulations: 2009: Artist's Resale Right (Amendment), 653.

Rules: 2009: Patents, Trade Marks and Designs (Address for Service), 221; Trade Marks and Trade Marks and Patents (Fees) (Amendment), 596.

Intelligence and Security

Report of the Intelligence and Security Committee: Could 7/7 Have Been Prevented? Review of the Intelligence on the London Terrorist Attacks on 7 July 2005, 376.

Intelligence Services

Annual Report of the Intelligence and Security Committee for 2007-08, 191.

Government Response to the Annual Report of the Intelligence and Security Committee for 2007-08, 191.

International Criminal Court

Orders: 2009: International Criminal Court Act (Overseas Territories), 556.

International Development

Draft Orders: 2009: Asian Development Bank (Ninth Replenishment of the Asian Development Fund), 190 [withdrawnand instrumentrelaid, 197, Explanatory Memorandumrelaid, 206]; Caribbean Development Bank (Seventh Replenishment of the Unified Special Development Fund), 443.

Department for International Development: Autumn Performance Report for 2008, 29.

Eliminating World Poverty: Building Our Common Future, 511.

Report and Resource Accounts of the Department for International Development for 2008-09, 566.

International Immunities and Privileges

Draft Order: 2009: European Organization for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere (Immunities and Privileges), 390.

Orders: 2009: Commonwealth Countries and Ireland (Immunities and Privileges) (Amendment), 556; London Summit (Immunities and Privileges), 146.

International Monetary Fund

Draft Order: 2009: International Monetary Fund (Limit on Lending), 394.

International Tribunals

Order: 2009: International Criminal Court (Darfur), 242.


2009: 1. Agreement, done at Baghdad on 6 June 2009, concerning the Training and Maritime Support to the Iraqi Forces by and between the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Government of the Republic of Iraq, 610.

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