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Welfare Reform Bill Committee

Here you can browse the debates in the House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Welfare Reform Bill:

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Report of proceedings


Session 2008-09

*9th sitting3 March 2009 (afternoon)
*8th sitting3 March 2009 (morning)
*7th sitting26 February 2009 (afternoon)
*6th sitting26 February 2009 (morning)
*5th sitting24 February 2009 (afternoon)
*4th sitting24 February 2009 (morning)
*3rd sitting12 February 2009 (morning)
*2nd sitting10 February 2009 (afternoon)
*1st sitting10 February 2009 (morning)


Associated Memoranda

* Memorandum submitted by Age Concern and Help the Aged - Associated Memorandum
* Memorandum submitted by Barnardo’s - Memorandum in Chief (PM)
* Revised Memorandum submitted by Families Need Fathers, Resolution, The Centre for Separated Families, Jewish Unity for Multiple Parenting, Mothers Apart from their Children (WR 03)
* Memorandum submitted by Department for Work and Pensions (WR 04)