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Appendix: Dr Colette Bowe's curriculum vitae

I have worked as a full-time executive at the most senior levels in the fund management business, City regulation and Whitehall. I now have a portfolio of public and private sector assignments and pro bono work, building on my wide-ranging experience.

Non-executive career

Current non-executive posts

Board Member, Axa Framlington (2003-); Board member, Axa Deutschland, (2008-)

Board Member, Morgan Stanley Bank International (2005-); Chairman of the audit committee (2008-)

Board Member, Electra Private Equity (2007-)

Board Member, Ofcom (2008-)

Board Member and chairman of the audit committee, London and Continental Railways Ltd (2008-)

Previous non-executive posts

Deputy Chairman, and Chairman of the Audit Committee, Thames Water; Member of the board (2001-06); Chairman of the Audit Committee (2001-06); and Deputy Chairman (2002-06).

(Founding) Chairman, Telecoms Ombudsman Service (2002-03)

Chairman, Ofcom Consumer Panel (2003-07)

Board Member, Yorkshire Building Society (2003-06)

Board Member and Chairman of the Audit Committee, Goldfish Bank (2007-08)

Member, Statistics Commission (2000-08)

Pro bono

Chairman of Council, Queen Mary College, University of London (2004-)

Governor and Member of the Council of Management, National Institute of Economic and Social Research (2002-)

Board Member, Camden Peoples' Theatre (2002-)

Trustee, the Wincott Foundation (2003-)

Previous pro bono posts

Chair of the Trustees, Alcohol Concern, a registered charity (2002-05)

Trustee, staff pension fund of the Reform Club (2002-05)

Executive career

City practitioner

April 1998-March 2001: Executive Chairman of Save and Prosper Group and of Fleming Funds (Luxembourg), the pan-European mutual fund businesses of Chase Fleming (now JPMorgan). The core business is to gather assets from retail and corporate investors across Europe for investment into the company's range of mutual funds.

As Executive Chairman of the European business, I reported direct to the global board of Chase Fleming Asset Management, of which I was a member, and was responsible for devising, securing acceptance of, and implementing the strategic plan for the business, and for delivering the bottom line.

City regulator

January 1994-December 1997: Chief Executive, Personal Investment Authority (PIA)

The PIA was responsible for regulating the marketing of life insurance and pensions. As the first Chief Executive, I was responsible for setting up the PIA, which ultimately had a staff of 800; establishing, and then implementing the regime for marketing investments to retail investors; developing and maintaining top level relationships with the insurance and pensions industry and with the City generally; and being the "public face" of the PIA with the media, Parliament and Whitehall.

January 1989-December 1993: Director of Retail Regulation, Securities and Investments Board (the forerunner of the Financial Services Authority). I was initially responsible for the team devising and supervising the regulatory regime for the UK unit trust industry and after two years was promoted to be responsible for all (pre PIA) retail investment regulation.

Broadcasting regulator

1987-88: Director of Public Affairs, Independent Broadcasting Authority (forerunner of the ITC). I was responsible for all media, parliamentary and government relationships on behalf of the (then) regulator of independent television.

Civil Servant

1975-87: Civil Service posts in the Department of Trade and Industry

I began my civil service career as a professional economist but moved on to become a policy generalist. Some key jobs:

1975-79: economic adviser

1981: part of the project team to bring Nissan to the UK

1982: seconded to the Merseyside Task Force, led by Michael Heseltine

1984: led a legislation team (shipbuilding privatisation)

1985-87: press secretary to the Secretary of State


B.Sc, M.Sc and Ph.D in economics from the University of London (Queen Mary and LSE)

February/March 1998: Advanced Management Program, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

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