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6  Conclusion

54. The Minister for Employment Relations recently announced new targets for the Service for the year 2009-10.[83] As in previous years, this included a target for overall user satisfaction. This was set at 92% for 2008-09 but has been reduced to 90% for 2009-10. In evidence to us and throughout its recently published Corporate Plan, the Service has emphasised its goal of maintaining standards throughout the challenges of the economic downturn. We question whether now is right time for the Service's targets to lower its aims in relation to the experience of its users.

55. Current economic conditions face the Insolvency Service with considerable challenges. The Service itself recognises this, and has some plans in place to meet them. However, we have three concerns. Is there a case for strengthening control of insolvency practitioners' remuneration? Will the Service and the Department be nimble enough to reshape policy if necessary to address concerns about prepack administration and other policy issues which may emerge as a result of the recession? And is the service's funding model sufficiently robust to deal with the expected increase in workload, and, in particular, to maintain an appropriate level of enforcement activity?

83   Written Statement, Minister for Employment Relations and Postal Affairs (Mr Pat McFadden MP), available at  Back

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