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Memorandum submitted by The Royal Oak

  I wrote to say that, having listened to evidence from Enterprise to the Committee, I refute absolutely their claim that they provide benefits to tenants which compensate for the increased costs of purchases. Mr. Tuppen even claimed that "property reviews" are a benefit. In fact they are conducted solely for the purpose of ensuring that the tenant is compliant with the repairing and redecorating covenants in the lease.

  I also deny there is any business assistance from Regional Managers or Business Development Managers (BDMs). Their function is principally to carry out administrative tasks, and to conduct rent reviews. I have been an Enterprise tenant for over 12 years, and have never received any assistance with business development from any Enterprise employee. I have received no training. I did try to use their free rating advice but I had previously negotiated a rates reduction, and was told that if anything my rates were too low.

  I was most surprised that the TISC took the view that there are benefits, and that these compensate in some way for the costs of the tie. I hope you will have the good sense to take a different view.

  If tenants were offered a specific reduction in their rent to compensate for the loss of these benefits, and given the opportunity to buy into them, I do not know of one tenant (and I know quite a few) who would buy into the benefits at any cost. Nor do I know one tenant who would not opt out of both benefits and tie given the option. Could you perhaps ask Enterprise to give tenants the opportunity to choose?

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Prepared 13 May 2009