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Letter submitted by Robert Milroy

  I would just like to let you know of my experience with Enterprise Inns.

  I took over a pub in South Wales in May 2007, when I signed the lease I was promised the earth, I was told the pub was taking between £5,000 and £5,500 per week, after two weeks I still hadn't reached that target.

  I spoke to the area manager on several occasions and his answer was "it's up to you to build it back up".

  It took them over five months to get the kitchen up to safety regulations standards for me to trade in it.

  My working day then became 18 hours per day between working kitchen and bar and still only managed takings of £3,500.

  By this time rent had risen to £3,600 which was 25% of the monthly takings and beer orders costing more than 50%.

  Now six months into the lease bills were starting to accumulate and Enterprise saying basically it was down to me as I was the one who signed the lease and offered very little help whatsoever.

  Things are beginning to get even worse with winter approaching, every heavy downpour the pub leaked like a sieve, Enterprise inns answers to this was read paragraph ** of your lease, it states I am now responsible for all repairs.

  Not long after this I had no alternative but to post the keys back to Enterprise Inns, completely broke.

January 2009

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Prepared 13 May 2009